Pontiac GTO VS G8 | Street Race

So ill try and post more of these as days go by and I find the time ill also try and get footage from the inside of vehicles as well keep watching and subscribe for more races

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Swaggie Wednesdays 17
Sup Guys... Just another Swaggie Wednesdays lol i need to get more film and use way more updated clips but in the end this one didnt turn out so bad so i hope you guys like it... share like and subscribe pleaseeeeee

Right On Time Freeverse (Music Video) | CrisDaze | Zoinka
Edited and Directed by Zoinka Hope you enjoy this little music vid and show it to all tha homies and your grandma, and your grandma's homies, and their homies too... Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrisDaze YouTube: www.youtube.com/crisdazemusic Download Link: https://soundcloud.com/therealcrisdaze/right-on-time-freeverse

Swaggie Wednesdays 18
Guess what is back for a Season 3... My favorite series to ever have made. Swaggie Wednesdays, and I know my life has taken it's toll on things over time and the decisions ive made so far. But I want this to continue and I hope that all who watch can grasp back to seeing it again and sharing it and enjoying fully... I hope everyone can enjoy this video and I hope to make Season 3 fun. So SHARE AND LIKE PLEAASEEEEE

Purp. 可待因
Just an edit by me to let people know im back from my long ass break of no call of duty. So stay posted. Share this please! The more business the better. Just hmu on twitter @zoinkka for anything editing. 1st Song: https://soundcloud.com/kd_rusha/one-of-these-days 2nd Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMf22IQgomw