11-13 Midnight Mayhem Las Vegas Turbo Vette, Turbo Camaro, Turbo Van, Twin Turbo Diesel

turbocharged vehicles hit the strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on 11-13-2009.

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Midnight mayhem LVMS October 2012
Our group at midnight mayhem las vegas 2012

Midnight Mayhem LVMS (1-23-2015) 2003 Nissan Frontier xe v6 3.3l
Re-testing my Frontier at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway 1/4 mile track. In 2003 my truck with stock tires would run in the 17s. I want to know what it will do 12 years later with heavy mud tires on it. 17 secs in 2003 19.1 @ 68 mph 1/4 mile with mud tires in 2015

2015 Drag Races at Las Vegas Motor Speedway!! MIDNIGHT MAYHEM No.2
At the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for MIDNIGHT MAYHEM No.2 on Feb. 20, 2015 *VEGASMOTOREBEL* subsribe -Drag Races

Mustang Blow Up
March 6, 2009 Las Vegas Midnight Mayhem I was just testing out the video when this Mustang's engine blew up. Please check out my newest video "Lightning Strike Prediction" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soA06LymXR0&feature=watch_response