My Z06 11.1@127 Bandimere Speedway DA 6800+

Boulder Nissan Track Rental 04/07/2012 Bandimere Speedway (5800+ft above sea-level) DA: ~6800 Car info: 2007 C6 Z06 - 441ci - H/C/I - Bolt-ons - T56 Transmission - 18" Drag Radials - E85

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1000+HP Z06 vs Modded ZX9 vs Modded GTR
Computer Generated vids taken in Mexico 1882 with Professional Drivers. This is Not Real. Please Don't Try This at Home!! Special Thanks to 1320cc - Will be filled out shortly

PSCA Bandimere 8-6-16 Compilation
A compilation of PSCA Heads Up Drag Racing Action from Bandimere Speedway August 6th, 2016. Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 8.5, and 235 Limited.

Corvette C6 Z06 10.83 @ 137.32
Billy T making a pass at Hub City Dragway Hattiesburg, MS 11/01/09 60'........ 1.80 ET......... 10.83 MPH.......137.32 DA.......... -274 This is an '07 with Ragin' Racin' Stage 4 mods & 18" Hoosier Drag Radials.

Modded 2013 Shelby GT500 vs Stock 2013 Shelby GT500
Computer Generated vids taken in Mexico 1955. Both drivers agreed to shift easy since we know the outcome already. All runs are from 40-55mph to 130-150mph Bolt-ons Shelby makes about 703whp while the stock Shelby put down ~588whp Enjoy! walhan_qtr HB Performance