2006 ZX-6 636 Ninja Fly-by at 156

My 2006 ZX-6 pretty much topped out around 156...man do i love this bike. It has a Two Brothers pipe on it.

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2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R - NO EXHAUST!
Motovlogger TheAK47s' 06 Ninja ZX6R minus his Yoshimura Exhaust... INCREDIBLE SOUND! The mic on my iPhone obviously doesn't do it justice, but still pretty amazing.

Hi-speed 636 (ZX-6R) - 177mph INDICATED
Hi-speed pass (two runs... R1 topped at 189mph indicated. 2nd run, 2nd bike 636 at 177 mph)

Kawasaki 2008 ZX6-R Tunnel
2008 ZX6-R making some noise in tunnel

2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 636 - Yoshimura Carbon Fiber Slip-On
Some behind the scenes footage of motovlogger TheAK47s in Austin TX. This thing is LOUD!