Icebiking 6

perfect oversteer bicycle drift on ice Watch "icebiking 7" for the recent snowversion ;-) !!

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skrota cykel
jag å marre i våra vildaste år

It's the most brutal bike you'll ever see...

Custom Bike Builders... On Ice
To learn more about our free-spirited custom bike-builders, or to check out our folding bikes: What do you get when you take an adventurous custom bicycle production team, an unusually cold winter, a video camera and an Ice Bike? You get a rare glimpse into the sorts of shenanigans that happen amongst bike builders in their off hours. How many other fully grown adults would be so brave *ahem* to ride a bike on ice? Not too many, but this is what you can expect from the group of highly skilled, fun-loving, bike nerds that custom build your bike for you at Bike Friday. Bike Friday custom frame builders truly run the gamut from intriguing to downright weird. Some of our bike builders have fabricated 10ft tall rideable T-Rex bicycles- st/ - while others have built custom one-of-a-kind chopper bicycles - -, and yet more make kinetic sculptures entirely out of recycled bike parts and scrap metal - But its not just the creative side-projects that make our custom bike building team unique in the industry, its also the adventures we have when cycling. Sometimes those adventures come in the form of a fully functioning bicycle band. Yes that's right, several years ago we got our custom bike builders together to form a band that would play while riding one of the custom bicycles that we build – the Family Tandem. The results were too good! Check out our blog post of the Tandemonium Bike Builder Band: For several years now there have been Disaster Relief Trials held all over the country. Year after year Bike Friday's custom bike builders, sales people, and even our founder Alan Scholz have entered into the Oregon races (Eugene and Portland) and won! That's right, every year at least one of our custom bike builders has won, and several more usually place in at least one of the categories. Check out this great video from a recent race: Whatever it is that our custom bike builders do when their not custom building YOUR bike, its generally pretty awesome. Check out our blog for more info on our team, what we build, and the people who inspire us to build it: And to see more of the cool videos we post, including some of custom bikes being built in time-lapse, subscribe to our channel:

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Drifting trought heavy corners on country road