Saturn ION Redline vs RX-8

Best run to date for the IRL: 13.6 @ 106. Best run of night: 13.8 @ 100. This was a 14.0 @ 104 vs. 15.5 @ 96 for the RX-8.

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Saturn ION redline w/ Magnaflow
04 Ion Redline with Magnaflow muffler.

2007 Saturn Ion Coolant Light
In this video, We will show you one way to troubleshoot the Coolant Alert or a coolant light on most Saturns. This is a common issue and creates a bit of confusion or trouble. If temps are still somewhat reading, and you have this alert, typically here is the cause. Shoutout to the ShoRyders in Tucson, celebrating their annual coming up this weekend. BE THERE.

ion red line vs Ls1

Domestic Dispute Du Jour (Part I)
Greg is our neighbor. Greg is insane. He yells, a lot. He's yelled, a lot, for the past eight months. The cops have visited, a lot. He has no concept of his surroundings. He has a girlfriend, who he yells at, a lot, and a pitbull, who he yells at, a lot. He also yells at his girlfriend's daughter, a lot, which is sad and makes many of our neighbors angry. And he rages at clouds and airplanes too, I suppose. And rocks and #2 pencils and water and oxygen. Therefore he is now starring on YouTube. Enjoy Part I, there will be more to follow.