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Electronic Trailer Steering VSE

ETS (Electronic Trailer Steering) is a steering system for one or two trailer axles without any mechanical connection between the kingpin and the axles. The chassis design can therefore be simpler, without the need of turntables. More info: https://www.v-s-e.nl


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SVSE - Simard Tri-Axle steer Trailer - Semi-Remorque Directionnelle Unibéton

SVSE Jumbo Trailer.wmv
SVSE Direction Electro Hydraulique (Train-Routier)

BPW Self Steer axle .wmv

Electronic Trailer Steering in the city - VSE at Lamberet trailer

Dooley Flip Toe Ramp Lowloader
Quick video of one of our new trailers in action with flip toe ramps

Electronic Truck Steering - VSE at VS MONT truck

ETS Electronic Trailer Steering
Opleggers met ETS-Besturing van VSE

Hydraulic side wall with moving floor
www.knapen-trailers.eu moving floor schubboden schuifvloer fond mouvant FMA piani mobili ruchomą podłogą posuvná podlaha piso móvil piso movél трейлер с подвижным полом

SVSE Trailer Steering .wmv
SVSE Trailer Steering (DTS + ETS)

Mercedes-Benz Actros SLT

15.65m Longer Semi Trailer turning within EU Legal Turning Circles
The Muldoon 15.65m Longer Semi-Trailer demonstrates how easily it turns within the current EU Legal Turning Circles. This Longer Semi-Trailer is the only trailer in the UK which currently has a Vehicle Special Order from DOE Northern Ireland for testing purposes on UK roads.

Extendable trailer with Electronic forced Steering System

Elphinstone Easysteer PBS Payloader Self Steering Suspension
Elphinstone Engineering have released a whole new suspension system utilising Performance Based Standards (PBS) to gain an additional 4 tonne payload on a general access vehicle. Self Steering, High Stability, Very Low Tyre Wear and less Damage to roads while allowing longer load lengths. This suspension system can be utilised for Tankers, Side Tippers, Container Side Loaders and many other vehicles that can benefit from additional payload.

Broshuis TCT steering
Testing Tower Cup Trailer Ter Linden at Vestas. Steering loaded with 24 meter, diameter from 3.820mm and 54 ton tower.

RearSteering-axle semi-trailer
This artic outfit delivers building materials to building sites. Because of its 2 command steering axles, it has super-manoeuvrability. However, when it's on the motorway the steering is automatically locked for added safety and stability.

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