Electronic Trailer Steering VSE

ETS (Electronic Trailer Steering) is a steering system for one or two trailer axles without any mechanical connection between the kingpin and the axles. The chassis design can therefore be simpler, without the need of turntables. More info: https://www.v-s-e.nl

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Electronically controlled hydraulic suspensions for trucks and trailers DTS VSE NEW!
Dynamic Truck and Trailer Suspension is the collective name for electronically-controlled hydraulic suspensions for trucks and trailers. DTS is particularly suitable for applications with a high centre of gravity, fixed loading height(s), heavy duty transport and special requirements in the areas of suspension and comfort. More info: http://www.v-s-e.nl/

VSE Corporate Film
VSE is an innovator in the transport sector. We optimise truck and transport equipment with digitally-controlled hydraulics, particularly steering and suspension systems. VSE focuses on the development of innovative products that make steering trucks and trailers simpler and easier. VSE products help you go places that were previously beyond your reach.

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