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MaxWrist Gold Trailer Kawasaki Ninja H2 BMW S1000RR Highway Run
Full Video: New Apparel: Got an opportunity to ride the Kawasaki Ninja H2 for a day with a buddy of mine, Knox Nuke. He rides with the same power and aggression that I do and you can tell in the newest video that even on his S1krr he has no chance... This bike is unbelievably powerful. I can say with confidence, I could burn any super car up to 200 miles per hour. I was able to lay down a few runs with it over the 200 mark. Only disappointment was that, only having it for a day, I was focusing mainly on speed and not wheelies.

Yamaha V-MAX 1700 ''Twin Turbo'' 300+ Hp * see also ''SOUND'' PLAYLIST
Yamaha V-MAX 1700 ''Twin turbo'' 300+ Hp * see also YAMAHA TWIN-turbo SOUND'' ''YAMAHA TWINturbo vs. SUZUKI HAYABUSA NOS'' SOUND Cp3jJrZd&index=2 ''BEST OF'' BIKE SOUNDS'' 1fnb2JUA91Ahmmow ''YAMAHA V-MAX vs. YAMAHA MT-01 SOUND'' bbkilniCqlfqF_Fj ''YAMAHA vs. KAWASAKI SOUND'' YVcOP7dj&index=1 ''BEST BIKE SOUNDS 1'' vF-NlC6vV7Z0UT-x ''BEST BIKE SOUNDS 2'' msh2K8V0Pkaxj060 ''BEST BIKE SOUNDS 3'' UgnAm9mLpzEljsQw ''R4 SOUND'' kG-hwSIG&index=1 ''L2 SOUND'' 38p4WEg0ZreYvCZk ''V2 SOUND'' jD_WqpJoiuUTyBkt ''HARLEY DAVIDSON vs INDIAN vs VICTORY SOUND'' pgrJZ32v5RLicT4J ''OPEN Exhaust Sound - Play Loud'' TScFHCRA&index=8 ''SOUND OF CUBIC INC.'' mnuhNwUV&index=1 ''JEKILL & HYDE SOUND'' gfJ7UxOw ''AKRAPOVIC SOUND'' ajG6gjyNYIYkQhwJ ''BIG BANG - CROSPLANE'' ''Akrapovic'' SOUND'' Ze8CU6IY ''SUPERBIKE SOUNDS'' PxNLmJe9ulYnf6XE ''SUPERBIKE SOUND'' h2r9qrQu&index=1 ''DUCATI SOUND'' bgYefU5P ''MOTO GUZZI SOUND'' Z7tNRe9BXmnI0t3W ''TRIUMPH SOUND'' nBev-vYd&index=1 ''MV AGUSTA SOUND'' ni6PCW9JhmlNTM3x ''HONDA SOUND'' 0OjOBdjBVgHILowV ''APRILIA SOUND'' DvyHwEBswwQDhgzG ''KAWASAKI SOUND'' tHhk_5COfo0WDmYy ''YAMAHA SOUND'' dJoqW2wrvLhwv1pP ''BMW SOUND'' 25aEBNkhS3LKzDqV ''MUSCLE BIKES'' T-Drwt9WyDBehJrD ''SUPER BIKES'' 1beYYCsS&index=1 ''CRUISER'' z4_n62BJJ9jSGExo ''SPORT'' KrZMe9Q-jlarUCfT ''STREET'' a9THfJEsyxOp23ez ''ENDURO'' yrr5hgZt49X5CF7a ''NAKED BIKES'' yrr5hgZt49X5CF7a ''SUPER MOTO'' ONwq753G&index=1 ''SUPER BIKES'' 1VGa ''DUCATI vs. KTM SOUND'' D-C_cEic&index=1 ''DUCATI vs. DUCATI SOUND'' NayZQTWP&index=1 ''KTM vs. KTM SOUND'' 137aks-w&index=1 ''BMW vs. BMW SOUND'' SSIvanVD&index=1 ''2014 Yamaha'' bA7Qmz6C&index=13 ''2013 Yamaha'' jc-PT2on&index= ''2012 Yamaha''

05 Yamaha V-Max
Various clips of the Yamaha V-Max, at rest, being ridden and some on-bike clips. Taken with Sanyo Xacti VPC-FH1 at 1280X720 30 fps. (On-Bike clip used Panasonic FX12 and home-made mount)

Video Yamaha V-Max Vergaser einstellen
Vmax beim Vergaser einstellen. Wie immer beim Vergaser einstellen ist wichtig, dass man nicht nur synchronisiert, sondern auch jeden Pott auf 4-4,5% CO einstellt. Leichte Synchron Abweichungen sind eher tolerabel, als wenn ein Pott mit z.B. nur 1,5% CO mitfrozzelt :-). Erst, wenn beides passt, fährts auch geil :-)