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Kawasaki Ninja H2 vs BMW S1000RR - 10 minutes of PURE ADRENALINE Top Speed +200 MPH +330 KM/H - 2017
MaxWrist Carbon Fiber Keychain: Knox Nuke YouTube Channel: I got an opportunity to ride the Kawasaki Ninja H2 for a day with a buddy of mine Knox Nuke. He rides with the same power and aggression that I do and you can tell in the newest video that even on his S1krr he has no hope of keeping up! This bike is unbelievably powerful. To say the least, I have confidence that I could burn any super car to 200 miles per hour. I was able to lay down a few runs with it over the 200 mph mark... Sad to say, only having it for a day and focusing mainly on speed, I did not get to practice wheelies as much as I would have liked to. This was my attempt at a Kawasaki Ninja H2 Top Speed Run with Knox Nuke on a BMW S1000RR. Be sure to check out his channel and throw him a sub! Knox Nuke YouTube Channel Link Below... Side Notes: Besides sweatshirts, all of the products in the shop have been restocked with new additions My carbon fiber keychain featured in the video is now available Releasing my newest videos on Kawasaki Ninja H2 vs BMW S1000RR - 10 minutes of PURE ADRENALINE Top Speed +200 MPH +330 KM/H

EXTREMELY LOUD Vintage Classic Motorbikes and Sidecars at Hillclimb Bergrennen Gurnigel 2014
Veteran 506 Bader Karl Triumph Tiger 100 509 Stofer Hugo Standard BS 500 510 Zihlmann Urs NSU Bullus SS 500 515 Weber Philipp Horex T6 516 Trottmann René Indian Sport Scout 508 Manganelli Claudio Motosacoche C 50 518 Jakob Martin Norton Manx - 30 M 512 Wälti Maximilian Motosacoche A 50 Original-Werk Classic 549 Hochuli Peter Ducati Racer 539 Fegbli Arthur Honda RC 162 Rep 528 Krebs Andreas BSA Goldstar DB 34 550 Bänninger Heinz Suzuki T 500 537 Baumann Walter BSA Goldstar 534 Kirchhofer Martin Honda CB 450 Black Bomber 527 Stirnimann Gret BSA A7 544 Trottmann Kurt AJS 18S Sportracer 548 Gadola Silvio Motobi Sport Spezial Corsa 529 Hunziker Max Ducati Desmo 526 Hürlimann Roland Nimbus Sport Modell 2 Post Classic 573 Müller Andreas Egli Honda CB 450 R 553 Kaufmann Urs Egli Honda EVH R.555 583 Baumberger Anton Honda CB 750 Four 580 Christener Peter Honda CB 750 Four 564 Kamer Alois Ducati Corsa 450 576 Spitz Bruno Honda CB 500 Four 566 Wälchli Christian BSA Rob North Replica 750 575 Dolder Walter Kawasaki H1 500 565 Flury Rolf Norton Dunstall Domi 750 584 Frauchiger Erwin Honda CB 500 Four 561 Zürcher Thomas Triumph T 100 R 500 586 Gonser Rolf Aermacchi 350 TV 350 556 Hegglin Ernst Ducati Desmo 350 563 Freiburghaus Peter EMC-Kawasaki H 1 500 552 Aerni Anton Bimota YB3 350 572 Zehnder Roland Honda CB 500 Four 500 587 Bigler Urs Benelli Quattro Corsa 577 Aerni Katharina Yamaha RD 250 Seitenwagen 610 Piccinonno Ivan Mangarelli-Krebs Erika BMW R69S 600 606 Baschung Marcel MCM-Triumph Bonneville Kneele 750 613 Meury Walter Götte Jasmin Triton T120 R 650 607 Lucini Roland Rossier Anais Schmidt Suzuki Sidecar 500 603 Schüttel Kurt Schüttel Susanne Yamaha Colonia 350 608 Baumgartner Nicolas Windle Suzuki Light 1000 612 Gerber Hans Seiler Werner BMW R50 Kneeler 500 609 Dillier Christian Dillier Raphael Maltri BMW Höckler 750 More information about those bikes and sidecars and about theyr championship you will find here: Ranking from the Gurnigel race:

04 VMAX Supercharged For Sale

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