26B,2ROTOR--2b Rotary Engine "STANDARD PORTS" History in the making......

www.2brotaryengine.com,for more information .

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Rotary engine
rotary engine, 6,000 rpm

rotary drag racing 2b unique powerful engine www.2brotaryengine.com
www.2brotaryengine.com the new website i promised ,you will not belive what you see , We call it 2b engine cos its unique and its a new idea to built a powerfully rotary beter then ever before , every body can make there own once you see how its made and proof that it works .email me at ( airgozo@gmail.com) thanks for watching

Curran Brothers Racing RX2
Brent Curran of Curran Brothers Racing with his monster 26b turbo powered RX2, testing at Night Speed Grudge Wars earlier in the week with half track passes and an impressive 1.1 60 foot time. Then shown on the Sunday at the Sponsor's Fun Day at Fram Autolite Dragway at Meremere running a stunning 6.89 second ET at 203 MPH, making it the fastest rotary powered car in New Zealand, and the world's quickest and fastest 26b rotary powered car. Well done to the boys and girls at CBR for the records, and Fram Autolite Dragway for putting on these awesome events. More drag racing madness to come from rotaries to V8s, and everything in between, so stay tuned! Don't forget to like and share! Video filmed and cut together by Kris Moffatt (me) of Reflex Photography https://www.facebook.com/reflex.photography.nz

Best Of Rotary Sounds
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