1960 Plymouth Valiant Commercials ×6

1960 Variant Commercials

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Corvair Vs Valiant Vintage 1960
This is a Ross Roy filmstrip produced by Chrysler to promote the advantages of the Valiant over the Corvair.

Pissed Off Valiant
This 1969 Plymouth Valiant was built by Greening Auto Company. The engine is a 6.4 Hemi, with 8stack injection, running on a Holley Efi that was tuned by Carma Performance.

1961 Plymouth Valiant Commercial - Bennington VT - Covered Bridge
The 1960 Plymouth, another in a series of commercials featuring Valiants in various locations around the USA. Pete Hansen is doing the Voice Over (Mr. Plymouth), he was the Spokes person for Plymouth in many of their commercials. He was nominated for an day time Emmy for his acting on the TV show General Hospital

The words to the jingle went something like this: Chrysler Corporation has the last word, VALIANT, VALIANT, the car you'de want at any price is VALIANT, VALIANT, see it at your Chrysler dealer, VALIANT!