Plasti Dip S4 Custom Blue Color Pro Car Kit

Buy these products here: Fonzie from plastidipped his personal S4 a custom color blue plasti dip. Using the Pro Car Kit available at

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Sazuka Blue Plasti Dip Pearls
Buy these products here: Sazuka Blue mixed plasti dip dip pearls with matte clear and glossifier over black base.

Martian Blue Plasti Dip
Buy these products here: Martian Blue DipPearls Plasti Dip spray on DYC S8 large particle pearls bold color, solid.

Camo Green Plasti Dip S4 - Matte Army Green Olive Drab
Buy these products here: Fonzie from shows you the Camo Green Plasti Dip and Pro Car Kit from on the DYC Audi S4. Rubber Dip S coverage with minimal coats green over blue

Bugs Come Off Plasti Dip?
Buy the Dip Foam System here: Can bugs be washed off of Plasti Dip? Fonzie from shows you how to power wash off bugs from plastidipped car.