Plasti Dip S4 Custom Blue Color Pro Car Kit

Buy these products here: Fonzie from plastidipped his personal S4 a custom color blue plasti dip. Using the Pro Car Kit available at

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HyperShift Pearls | AutoFlex High Gloss
HyperShift Pearls here: AutoFlex here: How to Dip Your Car Video Guide: How to Install AutoFlex Professional Gloss:

Peeling Plasti Dip off a Whole Car
Buy the products here: Our experience peeling Plasti Dip off of the DYC A4. Notice: All cars, paints, and surfaces are unique. Please refer to Terms and Conditions page on for more info and guidelines DipFoam System here: Fonzie from shows a full car Plasti Dip peeling removal. Dipped car peeled off and cleaned,

Bugs Come Off Plasti Dip?
Buy the Dip Foam System here: Can bugs be washed off of Plasti Dip? Fonzie from shows you how to power wash off bugs from plastidipped car.

How to use Pearls with Plasti Dip
Buy these products here: How to mix pearls, micro flakes, samples and powders into plasti dip to spray a car. Preval sprayers, speed shapes, DipPearls and candy pearls