Plasti Dip S4 Custom Blue Color Pro Car Kit

Buy these products here: Fonzie from plastidipped his personal S4 a custom color blue plasti dip. Using the Pro Car Kit available at

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Martian Blue Plasti Dip
Buy these products here: Martian Blue DipPearls Plasti Dip spray on DYC S8 large particle pearls bold color, solid.

Bugs Come Off Plasti Dip?
Buy the Dip Foam System here: Can bugs be washed off of Plasti Dip? Fonzie from shows you how to power wash off bugs from plastidipped car.

The Most Vibrant Purple Known to Man
Build a Pro Car Kit here: How to Dip Your Car the Complete Guide: Grape Juice and HKS Pearl in DipPearl TopCoat. is world famous for peelable car and wheel paint. You can change the color of any part of your car by yourself! A do-it-yourself product that you can use at home and is totally affordable. Contact if you have any questions about DipYourCar or Plasti Dip Products. Spray and paint your wheels, your car, your emblems, your trim - basically anything. Peel it off and go back to the original color when you are ready. Durable, easy to clean and maintain, dipping your car is something almost anyone can do!

Sazuka Blue Plasti Dip Pearls
Buy these products here: Sazuka Blue mixed plasti dip dip pearls with matte clear and glossifier over black base.