Mazda RX7 series 1 with stock s4 13b turbo 13.68 1/4 131rwhp

My 1978 series 1 Mazda RX7 as bought with stock series 4 13b turbo engine running standard Boost with a top mounted Intercooler = 13.68 1/4 mile on street tyres making only 131 rwhp. The car now makes 223 rwhp.

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Mazda RX7 Geo13B @ Sat 13th June 09 Street meet & Test n Tune
Here is footage of GEO13B Rx7 from a Saturday street meet and a Test n Tune at WSID

7 Second RX7 - Turbo bigger than the motor!
CONGRATS to Bola de Humo Racing for running their first 7 the first time on the 1320 with their new setup! Check out this 88mm turbo powered RX7 tearing down the track weed-wacker style and all! :) Their Facebook Page -

RX7 13B bridgeport 1/4 mile run
My S2 RX7, running a 13B bp...and yes thats a 20B (n/a) pp you can hear in the background!

My Mazda RX7 11.14 @ 126.5 20 psi stock turbos
Too bad this was with a bad start, 1.68 60 ft, could have been 10's with a great start, my best 60ft time was 1.51. This is my 2nd best 1/4 mile time, best was 11.08 last year at PRP. This is at Maryland International Raceway. My mods list is here