Nick Eskilden on the Red Buell of 5150 Racing

Nick Drag Racing 5150 Racing Red Buell at Houston Motorsports Park

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Buell racing
A look into where Buell Motorcycle Company is racing.

10.81 Sportster Drag Race
Pump gas, stock bottom end, tranny, primary. Geared low to bang all 5 gears. Bottom end has never been open, 1992 xl. 65" wheel base aka 5" over stock wheel base. buell rear rim and buell xb front end. rider weight around 215 suited up. not sure on the bike weight since the xb conversion. lost about 23 lbs with that. bike was 490 before that. weighed 690 total last year. prob in the 670ish range now. not fo sho 120 hp 92tq hammer performance pump gas engine. 11.1 compression, hammer 1250 kit, hammer 600 crush cams, hammer intake manifold, mikuni 45, defender pipe, stock coil and timing plate, daytona twin tech plug in igniton, buell xb sledge ported hammer heads. Bike next to me is 106 cubic inch with bars and 15.1 compression. We both went red, him first.

110 rwhp 88cid Buell S1
Here's my -98 Buell S1 Lightning on a mobile Dyno. A famous finnish drag racer Tuoppi is pulling a 110 rear wheel horsepower pass. That combined with over 130 Nm (95 ft.lbs) of torque makes this a hell of a bike to ride!

Drag Racing 'run what you brung' motorbikes.
Two bikers having some drag racing fun at Shakespeare County Raceway UK at the July 2014 RWYB. One BMW K1300R and a Buell XB9SX.