Nick Eskilden on the Red Buell of 5150 Racing

Nick Drag Racing 5150 Racing Red Buell at Houston Motorsports Park

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5150 Racing Red Buell Nick Houston Motorsports Park
Nick and Jeremy at Houston Motorsports Park June 7, 2009 TMDR

整備も自分で担当するメカニックのアマンダさん(女性 )。恐怖心など全くなく、ミッションで開催されたドラ ッグレースに参加。とってもキャシャで、可愛いアマン ダさんが、なかなかCOOLな走りを見せてくれました!

buell dragbike
me playing on my old buell working out the bugs

Dragbike Buell powered at Phoenix
This the first pass on the bike in the 10 second zone still got more in it. You can here a little pop on the launch and it is still hitting the clutch to hard on the leave.