Louisiana State Police Whelen Liberty lightbar

Louisiana State Police Whelen Liberty lightbar shown in all blue.

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Whelen Liberty
This is my new set up. I have installed a Whelen Liberty SX. I also have 2 single Remote Whelen Dashmisers on the rear deck and 2 Whelen HAW strobes. Also 2 Whelen TIR3's

Louisiana State Trooper
Chef Caleb gets questioned by a Louisiana State Trooper. "Chef on the Hunt" is the combination of my two passions: cooking and the outdoors. As an avid hunter, I will be tying my education, experience, and skills as a chef with my love for the outdoors. Our food industry is no different from any other industry. They focus only on the bottom line for wealth compromising our health. God has given us a beautiful home called earth. We're supposed to be good stewards of what God has given us. That means to harvest the natural resources of our land responsibly. We should only take what we can use and show respect to nature. With my skills and passions I will travel our beautiful land and harvest from the field, waters, and woods calling it my very own pantry.

Meeting of the Louisiana State Police Commission of Thursday, April 13, 2017. It was the first such meeting after the retirement of long-time LSP Col. Mike Edmonson.

My New Whelen Liberty Lightbar SL8 BBBB All Blue
This is an older video. Please check out the updated one here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr9JoCLgV0g Bar has now been upgraded to an SX8 with MR-11 alley lights and dual color extended corners. I built in my own custom circuit to select desired colors. (I can't afford a DUO bar yet). Here is a quick collection of video clips of my new all blue Whelen Liberty light bar. This is an SL8BBBB LFL Liberty. The first two clips is the whole rear running from two different angles. The next two clips are the whole bar running, also from two different angles. Then some clips of the various traffic arrow patterns. Then the traffic arrow going with the rear corner strobes around it. And lastly is a video of the steady cruise lights (which I am sure I will get into trouble with). This bar is not actually new, just new to me.