v8 saturn

finally a ten sec. pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10.97 at 120 with a 1.49 60 ft!!!

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LS V8 Swapped Saturn Sleeper
First actual video of the Saturn Project. Videos of it driving are coming soon. LS4 - 243 heads, LS9 cam + AFM delete, Typhoon intake, True dual Exhaust, 36lb injectors, vette fuel pressure regulator, Walbro 255 Drivetrain - Getrag 5 speed, SPEC stage 3+ clutch, custom axles

V8 saturn sbc satty
SBC 350 saturn with a turbo 350 and 9in. first time moving.

street racing saturn
A cool video trailer for saturn racing and sport compact enthusiasts.

v8 saturn burnout
sbc saturn having some fun...