Auto Club Speedway race, HSR West 2011

Driver: Brandon Droese Car: 1985 Rx7 (bone stock except headers/Exhaust) The rx7 has 113hp... wish I had a little more HP as you will see when I get on a straight.. mixed it up with a Sabra, Devin Special, and a Ferratsun

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MTB GoPro Hero helmet cam
me testing out my new helmet cam at lake los carneros

HSR West 2012 Historics Race- Auto Club Speedway
Group 2- Small/Med bore Production. Sundays race.

Laguna Seca qualifying.wmv
HSR-West/VSCCA event at Laguna Seca 2011. This was my first vintage race and my first time driving Laguna Seca.

SCCA race Infineon 5-5-2010 Group 1
In-car race video shot from inside our 1985 Mazda RX7 at Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, CA. SCCA Regional Race #10 Group 1.