Auto Club Speedway race, HSR West 2011

Driver: Brandon Droese Car: 1985 Rx7 (bone stock except headers/Exhaust) The rx7 has 113hp... wish I had a little more HP as you will see when I get on a straight.. mixed it up with a Sabra, Devin Special, and a Ferratsun

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Sea Otter Classic 2009
Friday's DH practice along with a wreck or two

Sabra @ Redneck Yacht Club TGW
Sabra driving the girls around at Redneck Yacht Club for Trucks Gone Wild Event.

Sabra in Film - I huvet på en gammal gubbe
This clip of a 1968 Swedish film very briefly features a Sabra Sports car passing through the crossing.

Twin Turbo RX7 on Track - Exeros Full HD Kit [BEST WATCHED IN HD - SELECT ON SCREEN] The Exeros Full 1080P HD Action Camera comes with an external mic to capture the sound from this awesome 390BHP Twin turbo RX7.