2005 Saleen Mustang

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Ford Mustangs Saleen S281 Soundcheck nach Endtopf Umbau ( Magnaflow ) Teil 1
Heute wurden die Endtöpfe ein wenig modifiziert !! Nun ist das Soundprojekt abgeschlossen :-) Magnaflow baut wirklich gute Qualität !!!

BMW M6 vs Saleen Mustang
This is a good race between two large coupes. The BMW M6 has heavy modifications and sounded amazing. The Ford Saleen Mustang has a few small tweaks, but it is basically modded from the factory. Both cars are really fast and put the power down very well.

Saleen Mustang teszt - SportVerda (Tordai István)
Saleen Mustang teszt Magyarország első sportautó műsorában (Vinnai Miklós). A SportVerda stúdióban: Ada, Pataki Zita, Tordai István, Hátsó László. www.garagestore.hu, www.dcshoes.hu, www.wd40.hu, www.wunderbaum.co.hu, www.sportverda.hu, www.isuzu4x4.hu

2005 Saleen Mustang
Driving off the showroom floor at Rich Ford in Alb NM. Currently have $53K invested with a Paxton NOVI 2200 Thanks for looking! James C, outstanding job with the video