2nr project sup dawg toyota supra video - full

Full length 2nr supra video. Built by Twins turbo Motorsports.

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supra build cyprus
video by manolis remix by manolis photos by manolis car owner panos

700HP Toyota Supra DRIFTCAR on the Nürburgring!
In this video you will see a 700HP Toyota Supra driftcar making some epic sounds on and near the Nurburgring! This car has been fitted with a Precision PT6266 single turbo, full forged internals, M3 gearbox, more steering lock (for drifting) and a Rocket bunny kit! The car makes 700HP at the wheels. The crowds went wild for this Supra, especially when he drifted an shot some insane flames! Let me know what you thought of this Supra in the comments below! Make sure to subscribe for more automotive content by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/c/statesidesupercars?sub_confirmation=1 so you don't miss any of the epic content! Facebook: StatesideSuperCars Instagram: StatesideSuperCars Questions or business inquires? statesidesupercars@gmail.com Thanks, -Nathan from Stateside Super Cars

PINKS 87 Toyota Supra vs 69 Chevelle

toyota supra n/a blue project
nieuwe project in waarder (nl) na alle brommers is het overgeslagen op auto's en dit is er 1 van,