Kenny Pierson and his Pontiac Ventura II at the track

Took the old girl to the track to play around. . Pay no attention to the popping and cracking of the motor at about 4000 rpms. The motor let go. Won an award at the carshow there and had to be pulled around by my buddy in a golf cart. One of the screws on the rotor cap came out and locked up the distributer. Tore the teeth off my composite distributer gear. Quick fix-all better now. Car launched great and that would have been a 10 sec. run

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Pontiac Ventura 1000 H.P POWER
1eras practikas del chevy nova de minjarrez para calarlo como kedo ¡¡¡ tirando buenos tiempos de 10s altos muy pronto aras los 9s altos

The forgotten X-bodies
Found a couple of x-bodies in Milford, Ohio. Huge cruise-in with at least 500 cars every Friday night.

#53. Pontiac Ventura 1971 (RETROCAR)
TUNING RETRO CAR THE BEST TOP GEAR "Music: The Best Trance" Video the most beautiful retro American cars from A to Z: You will See a brief photo-overview,exterior,interior,the beauty of the car. Видео самых красивых ретро американских автомобилей от A до Z: Вы Увидите краткий фото-обзор,экстерьер,интерьер,всю красоту автомобилей.

72 Pontiac Ventura 455 all steel @ Sacramento Raceway
My 1972 Pontiac Ventura 455 with # 13 heads