16 year old's reaction to car

my mom hid the key in the pinata!

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Kayla's 16th Gift
Kayla receives her dream car with utter surprise and excitement!

My reaction to being surprised with a car! hahahaha

Dad Gives His Daughters a New Car for Christmas
Christmas 2013 I gave my daughters a car and really caught them off guard with the surprise. I would like to thank the Wright family for helping me pull this off and the extra camera work. We had: 1 Canon 70 D 1 Sony HDR 150 1 GoPro Hero 2 1 GoPro Hero 3 1 iPhone 5 Thanks Bart Car Stores for helping me find the perfect car.

Jillian's 16th Birthday prank!
6.2" Jillian gets her Smart Car that we have always promised her....