Quickshift Update 1-25-12 pt1

Part 1 of the update for 1-25-12 This section is the first part of the video with the Dyno videos and chart

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Quickshift Update 1-25-12 pt2
Part 2 of the 1-25-12 update This part of the video contains most of the driving shots and commentary from myself.

QS 500hp or Bust (again...)
After our appearance in Truckin Magazine and the saga of the blown motor, we decided to come back stronger than ever and build something most people had never even dreamed of. Project: Quickshift is now, to my knowledge, the worlds first vehicle to have forged internals for the GM Atlas 5cyl motor. It made 350rwhp in this video and we are currently working to get that figure to over 400hp, which roughly translates to over 500hp at the motor. In the coming weeks Motor Machine Super Shop will be working to finish the motor build out and show that 500hp in a reg. cab mid size truck, is plenty for anyone. Musical credit: Of Mice and Men "My Understandings" and Miss May I "At heart"

TH400 Rebuild: Governor
TH400 Rebuild: Governor Here's a quick rundown on the overhaul of the GM turbo 400 governor. Enjoy. Chapters: Tools needed: 0:10 Governor gear kit: 0:37 Dis-assembly: 1:07 Clean-up: 1:46 Valve hanging up?: 2:15 A closer look: 2:42 Free-up the valve: 3:10 Not all gears are the same: 3:43 Gear installation: 4:12 Prep for the roll-pin: 5:25 Install roll-pin: 5:46 Stake the hole: 6:38 Governor Holding Fixture: Setting Governor End-play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERnf_taWZs8 Automatic transmission overhaul Automatic transmission rebuild

Kenworth W900L - 3 Stick Shifting
Same Truck as the Other Shifting Video, Now with 3 Sticks