Twixtor - 1000 FPS Messing around with Twixtor and some action sports stuff slow motion. Twixtor - Ten Falls Forth music -

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The Biggest Burnout Ever!!! Got a sick Dodge 3500 Diesel and burnt the tires to the rims! After we burnt the tires off my buddy restored the truck!

Car TAG! Smashed a few cars down at the track! 4X4 was broken in the dodge by the way! Cars were provided by Robson Scrap Metals LTD.

Giant water balloon PRANK on narcoleptic hottie
Katie, my narcoleptic wife, loves to tan on the deck and fall asleep. Her brother Matt and I thought it would be funny if we hid a giant ballon under her mat, filled it up with water until it exploded. BAM!!!!!! Funny prank. (real estate and prank videos) The song is Walking on eFeel (Leksy Mashup)

Suzuki 450 BURNOUT!
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