Mercedes C55 AMG around Belgrade

Highway Belgrade - Novi Sad 20.04.2007.

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Mercedes C55 AMG VS Audi S8 5.2 FSI
mercedes c55 VS audi s8

05 c55 amg
start up

MBH Motorsports C55 AMG runs 11.55 @120mph. New World Record
MBH Motorsports supercharged C55 AMG breaks new world record. Running 11.55 @120mph. Beating the previous C55 record set my MBH's C55 AMG. Visit if you want your car to be the fastest it can be.

Stock Mercedes C55 AMG runs 13.2 at 108mph vs Nissan
My C55 AMG pulls a 13.2 in the 1/4 mile vs a Modded Nissan SE-R spec-v C55 is all stock with stock tires and i cant even do a brake stand to heat them up.