1969 Mustang Quarter Panel Replacement Part #1

This is the first time we have replaced a full Quarter Panel. The Car we are working on in my 1969 Mach 1 Mustang, Which has already had the upper and lower Cowl Panels replaced, along with the two aprons under the hood, both strut rod supports, and the lower radiator support. We are by no means professionals, but are hobbyists who enjoy working on our cars and driving them hard. These little videos were produced to help others who may have some questions on how to perform this 0peration, and dont wish to spend the 50 or so bucks to purchase a Professionally done video. I could locate very little information on the internet about how to do this, so I spoke to friends who have done quarters on other cars, and got pointers, and just dove into it. If you dont like the way I do things dont watch the videos, if you think they are stupid dont watch the videos, and if you have snide remarks, dont watch the videos. BUT if you have some valid helpful input please feel free to leave it here. Thanks

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Part #2 1969 Mustang Quarter Panel Replacement
Well here is another little video with a little more progress

panel replacement part 1.wmv
this video shows a straightforward method of removing a spot welded body panel.

Replace Mustang Quarter Panel, By lastchanceautorestore.com
This short video shows the steps to replacing a rusted out Ford Mustang rear quarter panel. The outer quarter panel skin is removed, the rusted inner wheelhouse panels are also removed. New (Goodmark brand) inner wheelhouse panels are installed along with a new (also Goodmark) rear quarter panel skin. Thanks for watching !

how to make a panel butt - joint.
This video shows a technique for producing butt joins in car body panels.