1987 Fiero GT CUSTOM sound

The incredible audio in my 1987 Fiero GT -Kicker 4" X 10" in the dash -Kicker 4" X 6" in the rear panels -Polk Audio MM1040 Sub -Hifonics 1000.1D Amp -Pioneer DEH-6300UB head unit. -West Coast Fiero Custom Center Console. -I have the tan upholstered model. http://www.westcoastfiero.com/interior/interior.html

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pontiac fiero!! modded!!
30 grand fiero... i garentted i will never see another one like it

TLG Fiero Cup Holder unboxing and review.
I couldn't find any reviews or video's on this so I figured I would do the honors. Link to Top Line Group cup holder: http://www.tlg-auto.com/fiero-custom-center-console-cup-holder/

Fiero Level 2 Console Subwoofer Insert Kit
Black Top Racing is the new name of TLG Auto. Find us at http://www.BlackTopUpgrades.com Click this link for more details, installed pictures and to purchase your own! https://blacktop.racing/btr-pontiac-fiero-center-console-subwoofer-box-viny l-style/ Install an 8" subwoofer in the center console of your Pontiac Fiero with a sealed enclosure from BlackTopUpgrades.com Find us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/TopLineGroup

Custom GT Fiero