1987 Fiero GT CUSTOM sound

The incredible audio in my 1987 Fiero GT -Kicker 4" X 10" in the dash -Kicker 4" X 6" in the rear panels -Polk Audio MM1040 Sub -Hifonics 1000.1D Amp -Pioneer DEH-6300UB head unit. -West Coast Fiero Custom Center Console. -I have the tan upholstered model. http://www.westcoastfiero.com/interior/interior.html

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TLG Fiero Cup Holder unboxing and review.
I couldn't find any reviews or video's on this so I figured I would do the honors. Link to Top Line Group cup holder: http://www.tlg-auto.com/fiero-custom-center-console-cup-holder/

Fiero Level 2 Console Subwoofer Insert Kit
Black Top Racing is the new name of TLG Auto. Find us at http://www.BlackTopUpgrades.com Click this link for more details, installed pictures and to purchase your own! https://blacktop.racing/btr-pontiac-fiero-center-console-subwoofer-box-viny l-style/ Install an 8" subwoofer in the center console of your Pontiac Fiero with a sealed enclosure from BlackTopUpgrades.com Find us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/TopLineGroup

pontiac fiero!! modded!!
30 grand fiero... i garentted i will never see another one like it

87 Fiero GT Custom with AEX Digital Dash - FOUND on ebay
Some of the simulations of the AEX Digital Dash for the Pontiac Fiero (Presently in the car for sale on Ebay) VERY elusive ownership, hard to find the owners, but I did find the archived website. Although not a live website anymore, information can still be found at: http://web.archive.org/web/20040225112437/http://www.aex-electronics.com/