Ferrari F430 Custom Exhaust compilation PSI PROformance

Ferrari F430 compilation after having PSI PROformance custom make an Exhaust & install a few other parts. Start up, Dyno pulls, street driving, & fly-bys all in one video.

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FERRARI F430 installed IPE F1 full exhaust system
The Ferrari F430 in combination with an iPE Innotech Performance Exhaust system excels in every imaginable aspect. Our aim is to improve the nearly perfect by giving it that certain something. Our outstanding design and precise handcrafted work refine all facets of the Exhaust sound. The most remarkable aspect is the clean tone at all rpm ranges, which underlines the characteristics of the Ferrari F430. The remote control module and our Valvetronic Exhaust let you enjoy phenomenal F1 sound, but at the same time also make it possible to shut down any vibration or drone frequencies in the interior when wished for, in order to enable an undisturbed conversation and comfortable drive. Contact:

One Day with the loudest Ferrari F430 ever - Movie (FLAMES, Brutal accelerations..)
Fanpage: Like for lot of supercars pictures, newest channel updates and more! I had a great day with PRESTIGE-VIENNA, a Rent-a-supercar company in Vienna. The CEO invited me to film a video of his cars. He took me for a ride throw the Highway, a backroad and the city. I'm pretty sure, It' the loudest F430 on the road. The sound is MUCH, MUCH louder in person. Seconds after the Tunnel acceleration, i wasn't able to hear anything!!

Ferrari F430 X-Pipe install complete! Now it SCREAMS!
T-Shirts: Wow! What a difference the X-pipe makes! Totally sounds like a Ferrari should now. My apologies, but I forgot to turn on the -20dB switch on the microphone and it distorted badly when I was really getting on it. I'll do more videos soon and make sure you can hear it well. Colvin Automotive: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe:

LOUD Blacked Out Ferrari F430 Dyno w/t Massive Downshifts
⇘⇘⇘⇘⇘ ↬ Read Description ↫ ⇙⇙⇙⇙⇙ ➫ My Facebook Page: ➫ Follow Me on Instagram: ⇝ Subscribe For More ⇜ ➟ About the Video: Matt's car keeps giving and giving....pleasure that is. As stated before this car probably would have put down more power with proper air flow, but still....what a machine!