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1983 Honda vf750, v45 Interceptor, GoPro 2

Just got this 1983 vf750, v45 Interceptor. Has not been ridden in many years so not running as well as it should. Each time i ride this bike the performance improves, pleasantly surprised with this level of performance after almost 30 years with an average of 650 miles a year...... Since this ride a mechanic has tuned it but weather won't permit a test.


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V45 Magna head - tensioner - cam install
I haven't uploaded the valve adjustment video yet.

Video de la restauración de la honda VF750F.

VF 750 F Interceptor - My old Friend (83')
A short video before rebuild...

Honda VF 750 F Interceptor 1983
My Interceptor! This is a very good old Honda, a great material for renovation as it has some flaws.

83 VF750F.MP4
Startup, idle, and higher RPM of my "new" 1983 Honda VF750F Interceptor. It's been in the family since it really was new, but was just completely worked over by Kon-Tiki Motorcycles (http://www.kontikimotorcycles.com). I'm the 3rd generation riding it. Stock other than: Holeshot Performance oiling kit K&N airfilter Mike Velasco Exhaust re-jetted carbs Lots of reverb in the garage with the door closed, but that Exhaust isn't exactly neighbor-friendly. And yes, I know my garage is a mess AND I'm cheating with the '84 tailpiece. Enjoy!

1983 Honda Interceptor VF750
There were two kinds of sport bike riders in 1983. Those who owned a VF750 Interceptor, and those who lusted after one. Armed with newly developed Honda Grand Prix technology, such as a track-inspired fairing, 16-inch front wheel, rectangular-section perimeter frame, single-shock rear suspension and anti-dive front suspension, the Interceptor was a back-road rapier among pocket knives. Power was cutting edge. As the first liquid-cooled engine in any sportbike, the Interceptor's 90-degree V-four spun out an amazing 86 horsepower, making the bike quicker in the quarter mile and faster on top than its peers. In a top-gear roll-on, the Interceptor flat crushed them, and, in so doing, exploded the notion that high-performance sportbikes had to have narrow powerbands crowded close to the redline. Those triple-disc brakes were regarded as the best brakes on any mass-produced street bike. When the pavement turned twisty, nothing else measured up. And if you felt like crossing a time zone or two, the Interceptor was versatile, smooth and comfortable enough for the job. Still, its toughest job was racing. New AMA rules required that Superbikes be built from street-going 750s, so Honda's radical Interceptor arrived with the heart and bones of a champion. Losing 70 pounds and gaining over 40 horses in race trim, the new V-4 was equally omnipotent on the track. In 1983, its rookie year as an AMA Superbike, the VF750F won eight of 14 Nationals, and would begin a legacy of Honda V-4 dominance unequaled in AMA Superbike racing. That original Interceptor, through its racing and sales success, proved that Honda's integrated design approach worked as well on the track as it did on the street. Fast, agile, comfortable, perfectly balanced, the Interceptor began a Honda design philosophy that created a line of sportbikes with tremendous performance and street civility, a line leading straight to the aluminum-frame, fuel-injected 800 Interceptor in Honda's 2000 lineup. Even if you weren't old enough or lucky enough to experience the Interceptor in 1983, the magic lives on in Honda's sportbike line, and it's better than ever!

Honda VF750 S

The Honda vf750s cafe fighter
Here is my complete project of rebuilding an typical Honda vf750s (sabre v45) 1983 to a cafe fighter style motorcycle. I have made many changes to it and I have manufactured my self the most of the details on it, but I also wanted to keep a bit of it´s originality left. I hope my project inspires others to rebuild their sabres, I enjoyed it a lot doing it any way. If you want to see more of the details go to the my blog: http://vf750s.stigmes.se/#home More photos here: http://www.stigmes.se/vf750s/completed/index.html Thanks for watching and don´t forget to live your comments.

HONDA 700 -750 V45 Single CARBURETOR Conversion MANIFOLD-VW CARB MOD Installation
Installing single carb manifold on honda 750

83 Honda VF750F Interceptor 099

Project Spooky - A 1985 Honda Interceptor Project - Part 1
This is the first video of our Project Spooky build. Project Spooky is a 1985 Honda Interceptor VF700F we've been holding onto for awhile waiting for some time to work on it. Starting with this video, you'll be able to watch as we bring new life into this motorcycle. We'll be polishing some of the aluminum parts, powder coating others, and generally bringing the Interceptor up to something road worth again. High resolution images and more about the build can be found at http://coyotecycleworks.com/spooky.html

HONDA VF750F 1984
Batrinica mea.

HONDA VF750F ヨシムラ エンジン音

Rare 1983 Honda VF400F Interceptor For Sale in Ohio
I'm looking for offers on this bike. Interesting trades+cash whatever. I'm looking for newer Goldwings, sportbikes, etc. Tell me what it's worth to you... Email me at webbrunner4u_AT_gmail.com This is a 1983 Honda VF400F Interceptor (NC13) beautiful, original, unrestored, unmolested condition with less than 2000 miles from new. I do not know its history prior to spring of last year when I acquired this bike from a local collector. I believe this is a bike from an Asian country due to the oriental writing on the gas tank warning stickers and the Beet aftermarket rear-set kit. Beet is a Japanese motorcycle aftermarket parts supplier and having these rear-sets on this bike only adds to the uniqueness of this bike. This bike is not *perfect* but is in original condition with no mutilation, abuse or damage so common with this type of bike. Most of these bikes were raced or ridden by beginners/novices and often paid the price with a very high crash rate and few seem to have survived. To find a bike with this kind of low miles, preserved and undamaged in all the world is amazing at least and as soon as I say that you know somebody will find a warehouse full of these things new and uncrated but till then I'll stand by my statement. The Honda Interceptor line was a major point of reference in the development of what we consider modern sport bikes and this VF400F is one of the earliest ancestors of that heritage. I'll add that it only makes sense that this bike came to the states before the grey market flow of true exotics like VFR's, NSR's, RG Gamma's, RD500lc's became prevalent. Just a thought, no proof of that. I want a collector/motorcycle enthusiast that can appreciate the opportunity this bike represents. I am open to offers but scammers, low ballers, nit-pickers and dreamers will generally be ignored. Possession doesn't change hands till funds clear and bike is paid in full. I will provide you with a good, clear title once funds clear (immediately if you pay in cash). Title, license and registration are the buyers sole responsibility. This bike is a must have for the true Honda Interceptor collector. Thanks for your interest. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia... VF400F The first model of the Honda VF400F (NC13) was a "Naked style" motorcycle with bikini-cowling which looked like a MVX250. It had a 400 cc V4 engine and was produced in 1982 and 1983. Notable features were the inboard ventilated disc brakes, Honda's TRAC (torque reactive anti dive control) system and air assisted front & rear suspension. Engine Type: 399 cc, V4, 16valve, 4-stroke Cooling: Liquid Bore x Stroke: 55 mm x 42 mm Compression Ratio: 11:1 Power: 55.5 hp (41.4 kW) @ 12500 rpm Torque: 35.5 Nm (26.2 ft·lbf) @ 10500 rpm Transmission: 6 speed [edit]Wheels Front Tire: 100/90-16 Rear Tire: 110/90-18 Front Brakes: Single inboard ventilated disc Rear Brakes: Single inboard ventilated disc [edit]Dimensions Length: 2060 mm (81.1 inches) Width: 750 mm (29.5 inches) Height: 1160 (45.7 inches) Seat Height: 780 mm (30.7 inches) Wheelbase: 1415 mm (55.7 inches) Ground Clearance: 160 mm (6.3 inches) Fuel Capacity: 17 L (3.7 imp gal; 4.5 US gal) Dry Weight: 173 kg (381.4 pounds)

1983 Honda VF 750 F interceptor
Just got this 1983 Honda and serviced it. It runs like a dream, that old V4 engine has enough torque to cope with much younger crotch rockets, it's just thirsty as hell- need an oil recharge every now and then :D

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