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1983 Honda vf750, v45 Interceptor, GoPro 2

Just got this 1983 vf750, v45 Interceptor. Has not been ridden in many years so not running as well as it should. Each time i ride this bike the performance improves, pleasantly surprised with this level of performance after almost 30 years with an average of 650 miles a year...... Since this ride a mechanic has tuned it but weather won't permit a test.


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V45 Magna head - tensioner - cam install
I haven't uploaded the valve adjustment video yet.

Video de la restauración de la honda VF750F.

1983 Honda VF750F Bobber
My 1st Bobber. There is a hole in the Exhaust - sounds tinny @ idle. Project incomplete.

Мотоцикл JAWA 350640 «MOSKVA». Ява 350.
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1983 Honda Interceptor VF750
There were two kinds of sport bike riders in 1983. Those who owned a VF750 Interceptor, and those who lusted after one. Armed with newly developed Honda Grand Prix technology, such as a track-inspired fairing, 16-inch front wheel, rectangular-section perimeter frame, single-shock rear suspension and anti-dive front suspension, the Interceptor was a back-road rapier among pocket knives. Power was cutting edge. As the first liquid-cooled engine in any sportbike, the Interceptor's 90-degree V-four spun out an amazing 86 horsepower, making the bike quicker in the quarter mile and faster on top than its peers. In a top-gear roll-on, the Interceptor flat crushed them, and, in so doing, exploded the notion that high-performance sportbikes had to have narrow powerbands crowded close to the redline. Those triple-disc brakes were regarded as the best brakes on any mass-produced street bike. When the pavement turned twisty, nothing else measured up. And if you felt like crossing a time zone or two, the Interceptor was versatile, smooth and comfortable enough for the job. Still, its toughest job was racing. New AMA rules required that Superbikes be built from street-going 750s, so Honda's radical Interceptor arrived with the heart and bones of a champion. Losing 70 pounds and gaining over 40 horses in race trim, the new V-4 was equally omnipotent on the track. In 1983, its rookie year as an AMA Superbike, the VF750F won eight of 14 Nationals, and would begin a legacy of Honda V-4 dominance unequaled in AMA Superbike racing. That original Interceptor, through its racing and sales success, proved that Honda's integrated design approach worked as well on the track as it did on the street. Fast, agile, comfortable, perfectly balanced, the Interceptor began a Honda design philosophy that created a line of sportbikes with tremendous performance and street civility, a line leading straight to the aluminum-frame, fuel-injected 800 Interceptor in Honda's 2000 lineup. Even if you weren't old enough or lucky enough to experience the Interceptor in 1983, the magic lives on in Honda's sportbike line, and it's better than ever!

Honda VF 750 F Interceptor 1983
My Interceptor! This is a very good old Honda, a great material for renovation as it has some flaws.

83 Honda VF750F Interceptor 099

2014 Honda Interceptor - Sport-Touring Shootout Part 2 - MotoUSA
Honda revives its classic sport-touring platform with the return of its VFR800F Interceptor ($14,473.95 as tested). Powered by a purring and super-efficient V-Four engine, the new VFR gets sleeker body panels, wheels and instrumentation. But were the changes enough to put Big Red’s legendary nameplate back on top? Read the full comparison review: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/9/19113/Motorcycle-Article/2014-Middleweight- Sport-Touring-Shootout.aspx 2014 Middle Weight Sport Touring Shootout Videos: Part 1 - Aprilia Mana 850 GT - http://youtu.be/sswVmnoiq4Q Part 2 - Honda Interceptor - http://youtu.be/QEVEiVW26uo Part 3 - Kawasaki Ninja 1000 - http://youtu.be/F6ypcBVn49w Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=motousa Website: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com

HONDA VF750F ヨシムラ エンジン音

7 000 km, 525 litres d'essence, un chargement porté à 472 kilos avec pilote passager et bagages, un train de pneus rincé jusqu'à la corde, la France, l'Espagne, le Maroc, la Mauritanie, voilà le traitement de faveur que nous avons réservé à la nouvelle VFR 1200 F pour savoir ce qu'elle avait vraiment dans le ventre dans sa version 100 chevaux.

Обзор мотоцикла Honda VFR 750F RC24
Небольшой обзор Honda VFR 750F RC 24

HONDA 700 -750 V45 Single CARBURETOR Conversion MANIFOLD-VW CARB MOD Installation
Installing single carb manifold on honda 750

Honda VFR 750F RC24 acceleration and Max speed.

'88 W.Gardner's Riding of VFR750F(RC24)
The riding style of Wayne Gardner's Rothmans VFR750F(RC24) @Oran Park Circuit in Australia '87 WGP GP500 Champion

worst mx race ever
Theres a few other videos with some funny crashes and stuff from my riding on my channel, going to try to start uploading a lot more videos of stuff next year so comment, like, share, subscribe and stay tuned. New trials bike crash video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-D9iF4335M&feature=youtu.be

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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