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Buick skylark race

i added my nos and a new fuel pump. car ran through 2 gears and was at a steady not so safe on an open street but the tracks closed.


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69 Chevelle Rallye seat installation
Installation techniques for the following GM A-Body Rallye seat kits 1968-1972 Chevrolet Chevelle/El Camino 1698-1972 Pontiac GTO/Lemans 1968-1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass/442/Hurst/Supreme & S 1968-1972 Buick Skylark/GS/GS 350, 400 & 455/Skylark Custom

How to Assemble Door Panels
Replacement door panels often require reusing the original door panel's metal understructure. Here is Jefferson Bryant from Red Dirt Rodz to show you do assemble this style of reproduction panel on a 1969 Chevy Malibu. Parts supplied by Original Parts Group

Bad-Ass Buick: 1955 Special - /BIG MUSCLE
Owner: • Harry Fisher In stock form, the 1955 Buick Special could best be described as a "nice" car. It's not drop dead gorgeous like a 1959 Impala, nor does it have the panache of say a 1956 Chrysler 300. You see the '55 Buick Special was a working mans car. It had room enough for the whole family, a decent power-plant thanks to its 264 cubic inch V8, and style that was, well... above average. Harry Fisher or "Uncle Harry" as most people know him, saw the old Buick a bit differently though. He knew that with a few little touches (like a 502 cubic inch big-block, modern suspension, and a new set of wheels) that this old Buick had the potential to become one of the baddest hot-rods around.

Mini CNC 4-axis and Miniature Chevrolet V8: Super Sound!!

C2C Customs- Buick Skylark on 26" DUB Swyrl Floaters in the Lab
NOW GO TO::: http://AceWhips.NET C2C Customs- Buick Skylark on 26" DUB Swyrl Floaters in the Lab

How To Install Upholstery on a Rear Seat Bench
Jefferson Bryant from RedDirtRodz.com shows how to install a reproduction seat cover on a 1969 Buick Skylark. The seat cover is from Original Parts Group Inc (www.OPGI.com).

Buick dragracing 2004
1979 Buick Skylark with Supercharger. Built , owned , raced and maintained by Jon Venstad , Norway.

Weekend Project
From the department of "What could possibly go wrong" we decided to bolt a roots 871 Supercharger to a 67 skylark. What happened you ask?....Fast happened!

1965 Buick Skylark on I-69 taken from my 1970 Chevelle
My brother and Mother crusin the Interstate

Skylark gs
66' turbo charged

70 Buick GS Stage 1 vs Radical 69 Camaro SS
Stock 1970 Buick 455 Stage 1 engine with pump gas vs 454 with gears and converter in a 69 Camaro SS. Listen to the difference in cams etc towards the end. The owner of both even said he was pissed till he realized they were both his cars so why be mad the buick was faster

buick skylark 1972

CDS 1987 Stage-1 Buick 455 Regal Domenic UPDATE #1. 10-23-2011
This video was is basically an update of last month. Prior to starting the "455," I re-tightened the "cheap" alternator belt. During this video, I was shifting the TCI shifter with "grip-vise" (till I get to Domenic ... new cable has been in the trunk for weeks) from PARK to DRIVE & REVERSE ... to monitor the engine's idle (I CAN'T WAIT TILL DOMENIC INSTALLS/ADJUSTS MY HOLLEY850). My engine "LOVES" 800-850 RPM in PARK gear ... 750-800 in DRIVE. New updates entail a new "HOLLEY 850 (hand polished) Double Pumper", H.E.I. re-curved with adjustable vacuum advance, and Air-Lift rear suspension air bags. Domenic will be doing the honors sometime next week. SO-FAR-SO-GOOD, THANK GOD.

Installation - Bow-type Headliner, Part 2 - Installation and Finishing
We get calls every day asking for advice on installing a bow-type headliner, so we wanted to put together a video showing what goes into putting one a car and why we recommend professional installation. This second video shows the installation and finishing of the new headliner. Check our page for the first video showing the removal of the old one.

1971 GS 455, Stage 1 with F1C Procharger
Rich's 71 GS after replacing the D1 procharger with a bigger F1C. Some fine tuning to be done yet, and then off to the track. The car was mid 11s on 17" drag radials before.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1967 Buick Skylark GS: 9.430 @ 141.220
Andy Brody, Engine: Dart Big M, Tires: M/T ET Front & MT 32x14x15S rear

1978 Buick Skylark : 10.261 @ 131.690
David Wolfe, Engine: Chevy 361, Tires: GoodYear

1972 Buick Skylark GSX: 10.764 @ 117.000
Robert Noeken, Engine: 475 Buick Jim Weise Trishieldperf build 10.7 compression, Tires: Toyo 28.0-10.5/15 Drag Slicks

1970 Buick Skylark : 10.821 @ 122.230
ROB GIROUX, Engine: 455, Tires: 29 X 10

1964 Buick Skylark Hardtop: 10.995 @ 125.050
Dwayne Hicks, Engine: 455, Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Drag (rear)

1970 Buick Skylark GS: 11.050 @ 124.225
Ward, Engine: Pontiac 455, Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Street 30 x 10.5

1972 Buick Skylark GS: 11.340 @ 121.780

1977 Buick Skylark : 11.380 @ 117.720
jeff lang, Engine: 455, Tires: 28.50 - 10.5

1978 Buick Skylark : 11.848 @ 114.230
Greg Baker, Engine: 272 stage 2 v6,

1979 Buick Skylark : 12.017 @ 111.330
David Gotthardt, Engine: 408 sbc (400sbc +.40), Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: MT ET street 28x11.50x15

1979 Buick Skylark Custom: 12.050 @ 113.010
jon venstad, Engine: Modified , balanced GM ZZ4, Supercharger: Weiand 144 Tires: 28x11.50x15

1972 Buick Skylark Custom: 12.235 @ 108.450
Chris Glasser, Engine: Buick 455, Tires: P275/60R15 Drag radials

1971 Buick Skylark chevrick: 12.412 @ 112.000
steven salvas, Engine: 383 stroker chevy, Supercharger: no Turbos: non Tires: 26x10.5 drag radial bf goodtimes

1977 Buick Skylark 2door coupe / s: 12.530 @ 109.000
Ari Remahl, Engine: 455, Tires: 235/60/16 HOOSIER

1970 Buick Skylark GS: 12.530 @ 106.000
Rick Rife, Engine: 455, Tires: M/T ET STREETS

1972 Buick Skylark GSX: 12.650 @ 112.000
Robert Noeken,

1965 Buick Skylark : 12.716 @ 105.010
Kip Hansberry, Engine: 455 buick, Tires: M&H Racemasters G60-15

1965 Buick Skylark 2 dr hardtop: 13.102 @ 101.530
Jason Kottmann, Engine: 396 chevy .030 over, Tires: ET Street Mickey Tom

1978 Buick Skylark S: 14.310 @ 102.500
Mike White, Engine: 355 chev, Tires: 20x8 M/T ET Drag

1972 Buick Skylark : 14.675 @ 93.420
Metroman, Engine: 355 Chevy,


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