GTO vs Mustang GRUDGE MATCH, Let the Smack Talking Begin!!

Little update along with a preview of upcoming action.

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Kenne Bell 03 Cobra vs GTO w/150 shot , 418 GTO , and trans am
Kenne bell cobra going all out !! , and some bonus footage (note music was removed .)

LS2 GTO vs 5.0 Mustang
LS2 GTO vs 5.0 Mustang

GTO -vs-Cobra
ls2 with gas, 04 Cobra 2.8H. First run was GTO on Motor, second was on gas. GTO stock LS2 bottom end, nice heads, cam and intake plus a little juice. Cobra 2.8H KB ported and polished heads, cams, and (Fastlane) tune. Since they ran Cobra was found to have some problems. Not to take anything away from the GTO. It's still a beast on the bottle. ;-) So I just cut the comments off, just watch for fun...:-) All us are friends no rivals here.

Camaro Z28 messing with 455 GTO on the street
Late-Model Camaro Z28 with bolt-ons messing with a classic 455 swapped GTO. The GTO jams it and then one of the passengers thought they were being tailed by an unmarked B4C (special service police) Camaro holding a radar gun (video camera, lol) notice the nervous and unsure look on his face as we roll beside, then his complete and total relief once he recognized a couple old pals in just a regular Camaro, lol. (This Camaro made 280hp at the wheels and ran 13.1 at Mason Dixon Dragstrip) This footage was shot way back, many years ago, with an old junky analog camera, so apologize for the poor video quality. Produced by nedaCFilms / &