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Top Gear Australia: Holden vs Ford #2

BUY HOLDEN AND FORD!!! Either way, at least you are supporting AUSTRALIA. Caught this just before it started. Don't know about part 1... Was a few weeks ago and I didn't see it.. Free cash and domains: http://paidgamers.net/community


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Top Gear Australia - Falcon GTHO Phase3 - Part 1of2
Top Gear road test the legendary Australian Ford Falcon GTHO Phase3 at Mount Panorama, Bathurst.

Top Gear Australia - Old VS New 4X4 (Landcruiser VS Patrol)
Presented by http://auscommodore.com/index.php

Top Gear Australia Ford FPV F6 vs Holden HSV Clubsport

Which Cars Attract Women
Top Gear Australia tests which cars attract women

NEW Top Gear Aus: Ep2 - HSV R8 vs Walkinshaw R8
Top Gear Australia SEASON 2, Episode 2.

Stock Holden VE SV6 Vs Stock Ford FG XR6
A 2006 Holden Commodore VE SV6 Drag racing a 2010 Ford Falcon FG XR6

Holden Vy Supercharged V6 vs Ford XR6 Turbo

WHEELS MAG Performance test: FPV and HSV
Wheels takes the latest 300kW+ Aussie RWD sedans to Oran Park Raceway and compares notes on the different methods used to get the best figures out of each vehicle.

Top Gear Australia Nissan GT-R
Top Gear Australia Nissan GT-R

274kmph (171mph) Monaro Autobahn Run
OK - so after the 144mph run last week that saw the car only get up into 5th gear and no more I took the car out for another run when the roads were a little quieter... First Autobahn section - i.e. catching up to Silver AMG merc which flew past at beginning of clip - 225kmph (141mph) done in 4th gear with plenty left to go. Onto next Autobahn - first stint up until blue mondeo - 147mph (235mph) in start of 5th before lifting off to slow down. Then once he's moved over it's near redline in 4th and then up into 5th again - 3min41sec marker - Redline approaching in 5th doing 274kmph (171mph), change up to 6th and shortly after let off the power again due to cars in distance that I know I'll be catching up with in no time. The annoying rattle - I thought it was down to the mount being on the passenger seat previously which had no weight on it, so I moved it this time, yet it's still there. The strange thing is that I don't hear the rattling noise when driving so the mic on the camera must be fairly sensitive - I would throw music over the top but there would be no fun in that, as half the enjoyment of driving a big V8 is listening to the sound coming from the engine itself! Hopefully this will show a little better to those who aren't too familiar with the Monaro just what it's capable of doing... ;)

Top Gear Australia application- Nick Latham
One of the quality applications to host Top Gear Australia. Nick Latham reviews the new Holden VE SS Commodore

Top Gear Australia - Renault Clio RS vs FPV GT
Top Gear Australia - Renault Clio RS vs FPV GT

Top Gear Australia - Chery J1 (aka A1, A113, Face, Kimo etc)
Top Gear does a review on the first Chinese car ever sold in Australia and they are going to take this car to the test. This video ends with 2011 Nissan GTR doing the power lap. ENGINE: 1.3-litre four cylinder OUTPUT: 62kW/122Nm (83.7PS) ECONOMY: 6.7litres/100km(14.9km/L, 42mpg) EMISSIONS: 254g/km LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!! Personal Opinion: I'm open minded in cars so I won't pick on Chinese cars. But they need something much better than this if they want to succeed. If you watch Jeremy Clarkson's car years, the Japanese swamped the world with cheap and reliable cars equipped with luxuries that others charge you extra for. They brought the US and UK motor industry to its feet to say the least. GM tried to compete Japanese cars on price by cutting corners, they failed. Land Rover had to move up market because the Toyota Land Cruiser was so damn reliable. Recently the Koreans are took that reliability factor to the next level with 7 year warranty and now they employ good designs and quality on their cars to make sure they have some sort to USP to brag about other than price and reliability that you also get in other brands. The only problem for the Chinese is, what USP can they offer? Cheap is nothing when you can pick a better car in the used car dealer. Let alone with the lack of luxury and safety features it has.

Top Gear Australia - V8 Supercar in Sydney

NEW Top Gear Aus: Ep7 - Devil's Playground 4WD
Top Gear Australia SEASON 2, Episode 7.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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