motorcycle crash aftermath

first 15 seconds or so after a fatal motorcycle wreck.

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Ouch On Ice: 2008 Olympics Preview
A hilarious clip of things going wrong on the ice at the Olympics.

This idiot thinks that these tracks are abandoned. He gets owned!

shani 302 ali
shani 302 ali

Wall of Death at Full Throttle Saloon
Thanks for viewing the original posting of this video. I recorded this rider at Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis SD, during the 2007 Rally. I didn't have a widescreen camera back then. Rhett Rotten is a great performer and the show is worth seeing if you get the chance. American Pickers produced an episode with a story about thunderdome riders and its worth watching. The episode is called Thunderdome and is online at: or on iTunes or Amazon Video. Thanks Alexandra for the heads-up ;-) Follow me on twitter: tx2sturgis