383 tpi

383 tpi

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1985 Trans Am - 383 Stroker Fuel Injected
My 85 Trans am...swapped out 305 and put in brand new 383 stoker with throttle body spacer and cold air intake...big mutha thumpr cam...1.6 roller rockers, 30lb injectors, brand new everything as far as engine wise....had to get it chipped becuz of cam size and injectors!! 40 series Flowmaster 3" Exhaust

Chevrolet Camaro 3rd generation 383 stroker 450hp, T56 manual
´Maro with many mods - stroker 383 (6.2 l), 450hp, manual gear box T56, leather interior, carbon fibre door pannels, gauges etc. I am about to swap tpi for the carburetor soon (Edelbrock 750cfm) as well as will move out the fake carbon hood scoopes asap. Thanks

Twin 61mm 383 Notchback GTA Pump Gas Street Car
Another awesome full out street car, 1000+ horse on pump gas. 1 of only 624 notchback GTAs ever made. A rare find!

How to let your engine breathe! TPI porting
Find out more here.... https://www.facebook.com/pages/High-Flow-Fuel-Injection-Porting-TPI-L98-TBI -LT1-LS1-L67-L32/162540657151556?ref=br_rs