Saab 900 crashes into wall at Road America during ChumpCar race

Team Failcar bravely recreates the famous David Pintaric Viper crash at Road America.

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Hitting the Wall at 98mph

ChumpCar @ Watkin's Glen-5/24/15 '87 CR-X Si Crash at Turn 11
Early apex, and couldn't save it! Track out to the wall and hit at 62mph. Luckily, the entire left side hit at the same time and not much damage at all.

LeMons Thunderhill 2012 - Wrecks, spins, fire and follies
Compilation of spins, crashes, getting hit, and having a blast! 15 - 16 September 2012 "Vodden The Hell Are We Doing?" 1987 Nissan Sentra (with a 1989 Sentra motor) as "The Crazy Coupe" Filmed with GoPro HD 2 camera 1080p / 30 fps Results: ©Chazflyz

AMP ChumpCar Crash
2014, November 2nd, ChumpCar Double 7 race. Camera car is Team Brick House Racing BMW E30, chase car is Team FoShoMoCo Taurus SHO. Sad outcome, car still drove into pits. Hope to see them out there again soon!