The Fast And The Furious / Mitsubishi Eclipse Tuning

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Jesse Is Back and Has His Jetta Again! - Fast and the Furious Jetta Build
Subscribe to my channel!- For this special moment, I travel to Quebec Canada where a small euro shop brings the Jetta from the first Fast and the Furious back to life.Chad Lindberg, the actor who played Jesse has a grand plan of bringing Jesse Back to life to bring joy to charities and hospitals. I had to be there for this moment, and couldn't have been more excited. Thanks for watching! 2nd channel!- Follow me on wheelwell for QNA questions! Key Tags- Snapchat!- DJP4 Twitter- @thatdudeinblue Facebook- New decals!- Beats by- Stay awesome. Drift into blue squad and subscribe!

The Fast and The Furious best cars
It's top 16 best cars with some details from The fast and the furious movies, in my opinion!

Forza 6: Fast and Furious - Toyota SUPRA vs. Mitsubishi ECLIPSE GS | Drag Race
Forza Motorsport 6 Drag Race featuring Paul Walker's (Brian O'Connor) Toyota Supra vs. Paul Walker's (Brian O'Connor) Mitsubishi Eclipse. Stay tune to see who wins the one mile drag race! - Follow me on Instagram: Special thanks to: xStark3y90x | Toyota Supra | Music used: Remember the Dreams by Per Kiilstofte Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International ( - XBL: ericship - PSN: ericship 111 - Subscribe to my YouTube: - Follow me on Twitter:

Fast And Furious Mitsubishi Eclipse Review
Dom replicated Paul Walker's Mitsubishi Eclipse from Fast and Furious and I got a chance to drive it and review it. If you want to check out Dom's Fast And Furious cars, check him out on Instagram to follow the F&F Eclipse Build and the #BringBackJesse VW Jetta Build! If you enjoyed you can subscribe for more car vlogs and reviews! Join the AR12 ARMY!!!! Cheap Games use code "AR12" for a discount! How I record my gameplay: Playseat® LINKS: Dom: Octane Fix: Magasine: YouTube: AR12 STORE: SOCIAL LINKS: Website ► Twitter ► Twitch ► Instagram ► SONGS: