ariel wng 1941 trials trim pre 65

1941 ariel wing,rigid with girder forks,world war 2 despatch rider,in trials trim,real cool bike,

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2016 Pre 65 Scottish Trial - Day 2
Brief video of some Pre-65 competitors, including Guy Martin. Not a perfect, i.e. professional, video but gives a 'flavour' of the event, includes a few well-known faces.

Eerste rondje op de Ariel 350 W/NG (1944)

Ariel W/NG 1942
Ariel W/NG 1942 - Start up after a long period of storage.

How not to ride Pre 65 trials
A few photos from the late 1970's showng my attempts at trials riding on a converted BSA B40 350cc motorcycle. I was never much good at it but always enjoyed those Sundays out in Derbyshire. I spent most of my time falling off or trying to get back on the bike but over 3 or 4 years managed never to break any bones !