ariel wng 1941 trials trim pre 65

1941 ariel wing,rigid with girder forks,world war 2 despatch rider,in trials trim,real cool bike,

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2016 Pre 65 Scottish Trial - Day 2
Brief video of some Pre-65 competitors, including Guy Martin. Not a perfect, i.e. professional, video but gives a 'flavour' of the event, includes a few well-known faces.

1957 Ariel Square Four MKII Classic Vintage British Motorcycle
Larry Horn of Huntington Beach, California shows us his 1957 Ariel Square Four MKII, which he restored himself. All riding video shot with the GoPro Hero 3+.

Herman the German on 1978 maico magnum 250 enduro twinshock
herman gets his old maico enduro bike out of his bomb shelter,after not being used for more zan eight years,it only takes half an hour and a hand grenade to fire ze old svine into life,zis is a genuine blitzen greigen svine beast of a motorcycle,it is making little babys crying in ze prams,and svine old grannys run for zer lifes,also pet dogs are climbing up ze trees,mine god it is making me shiver in mine under pantys,mine stuchen sosage is now killing me,watch out soon for hermans next chalenge

Ariel HT5 classic trials bike & Bultaco sidecar trials Demo
Sammy Millers beautifully turned out Ariel HT5 trials bike & Bultaco sidecar units going around the pre 65 trials demo course at CMM classic bike show Stafford