ariel wng 1941 trials trim pre 65

1941 ariel wing,rigid with girder forks,world war 2 despatch rider,in trials trim,real cool bike,

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Ariel Motorcycles
When it comes to great British motorcycles, the classic machine produced by Ariel over the better part of the 20th century, truly are something very special indeed. Take a step back in time to enjoy the delights of the Ariel motorcycle, although long gone now, it has never been forgotten.

Ariel HT5 classic trials bike & Bultaco sidecar trials Demo
Sammy Millers beautifully turned out Ariel HT5 trials bike & Bultaco sidecar units going around the pre 65 trials demo course at CMM classic bike show Stafford

78 bultaco 250 sherpa t
nice old bike never been touched in 15 years

two top gay trials riders cought at it dirt bike
two gay trials riders practice in secret,,they are caught by a hiding reporter,,vary nice!!! super cool riders man!,,, ,hey all you doods,we are not homophobic we love homo,s its great man ,,be cool