ariel wng 1941 trials trim pre 65

1941 ariel wing,rigid with girder forks,world war 2 despatch rider,in trials trim,real cool bike,

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Vintage Trials at the Farm - Ariel trials
really cool old thumper. Tons of Torque.

2016 Pre 65 Scottish Trial - Day 2
Brief video of some Pre-65 competitors, including Guy Martin. Not a perfect, i.e. professional, video but gives a 'flavour' of the event, includes a few well-known faces.

groovy old hobo on a goped,
hey, he is real fast dudes ,check out the burn outs,god damn man it shure is groovy!

two top gay trials riders cought at it dirt bike
two gay trials riders practice in secret,,they are caught by a hiding reporter,,vary nice!!! super cool riders man!,,, ,hey all you doods,we are not homophobic we love homo,s its great man ,,be cool