Loud Srt-4

sexy SRT 4

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srt-4 faster than a speeding ticket (compilation)
bored as hell

SRT-4 Cammed Idle, 2-Step, and Rev
My SRT-4 with Crower Stage 3/4 Camshafts, Crower Spring & Titanium Retainer Kit, and MPx Adjustable Cam Gears Idling, 2-Step, and Reving. NOTE!: Ignore the really fast clicking sound... I need a new PCV valve.

SRT 4 Vs 08 Mustang Gt

SRT4 50 Trim
Bought the car two weeks ago. List of mods car has; -50 Trim Garrett -Walbro fuel pump -Downpipes all the back 3" -Stage 3 clutch -Big mount -External wastegate -Hks Blowoff