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Rob Dyrdek New Skateboarding Video *FULL*
I DONT PUT THIS SONG IN THE VID TO INSULT ROB!!! I LIKE ROB AND I LIKED THIS SONG !!!!!-i made an rob dyrdek video with his best skatefootage from rob and big season 1 and 2. but also some fun stuff. it took me a long time to cut this stuff together... so have fun and enjoy. if you want more skatevideos from season 3 or from fantasy factory just send me a message. cheers

Game of Skate - Rob Dyrdek vs Eric Koston
Battle at the Berrics.

Lil Wayne Skateboarding T - 78.avi
Lil Wayne Skateboarding TAPE 78

DC movie - Rob Dyrdek part
this is a part of the DC movie the Rob Dyrdek skate vid