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BMW 335xi 0-300 km/h
335xi, jb3 2.0, map #9, ms109, Meth,CL DP, Helix fmic, AA Exhaust, DCI. Test on close road. 300km/h = 186,4 mph

BMW 335i Cabrio (306 HP) 0-200 km/h full acceleration
Testing acceleration of a BMW 335i Cabrio. Road is a little slick through fog, micro is clipped to the rear number plate. Exhaust is standard, because it was a rental car. Ich probiere mal aus, wie gut der BMW 335i Cabrio beschleunigt. Die Straße ist feucht, so dass nicht der volle Grip vorhanden ist. Das Mikrofon habe ich für diese Aufnahme am hinteren Nummernschild festgeklemmt. Der Auspuff ist der ganz normale ab Werk, da es sich um einen Mietwagen handelte.

Catless downpipes for the 335i!
We installed raceland catless downpipes today. As of right now the secondary cats are still in place, we deleted the muffler in a previous video. We have finished the rest of the Exhaust so there aren't holes in the bumper anymore, stay tuned for that video! Follow us on social media IG: jxalfonso & aaron_gardia Twitter: AaronGardia & JxAlfonso *****NOT INTENDED FOR COPYRIGHT***** Music by: tals-rap-beat-19

BMW 335i vs AUDI s5
carrera corta en la calle. Short race on the street