Blower Chuck's Blown Olds 442! C.A.C. Racing

Blower chuck at the track! in da 9's

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blown 71 olds.3GP

1970 olds street car
1970 olds street car with 1000 hp wheel stands at the track.

Jimmie's blown 572 dart
Jimmie's (blown572dart) on latest project is this wicked street driven 68 Dart. It has an EFI Screw Blown 572ci Hemi built by Dram, full tube chassis, a slick black paintjob. After 3 years it is finally finished, tagged and insured. Fastest Street Car?

Roger Luty in his Oldsmobile 442
Roger Luty in his Oldsmobile 442 at Shakespeare County Raceway. Filmed at "Yanks" weekend, May 2009 See more muscle car action in the 2009 Mopar Euronats DVD available from