Super car shootout 11-15-09 Lemans 350HO

Barracuda 340-s Vs Lemans 350HO

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The first 12 second Olds
Barracuda 340-s Vs. Hurst/Olds HO455

1970 Pontiac GTO 455 rebuilt engine third start
My Grandpa's 1970 GTO 455 auto 3 speed after engine rebuild. Open long tube headers. When he gave the thumbs up he was signaling the thermostat opened. Next step is get the Exhaust hooked up and then its time to drive it on the road!

1979 Regal w/Pontiac 400 w/Lunati voodoo 60904 FIRST START AFTER CAM BREAK IN.
This is the new pontiac 400 bored 40 lunati voodoo cam 60904 233/241@050 503/527 lift 110lsa HFT... THIS IS THE 1ST START AFTER CAM BREAK IN ,,,

1979 Pontiac Firebird 350 sbc
79 Pontiac firebird formula with a 350 sbc bored .30 over, lunati voodoo 60103 cam, 486x heads, edelbrock performer intake, demon 725cfm carb, hooker headers, pypes 3in Exhaust, 3:23 posi