Final Fittment and Dry Surfacing a 1968 Chevy Camaro MUSCLE CARS & HOT RODS Episode 135 (520)294-4744. In this episode we get back on the First Gen. Camaro.

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1,000,000 Video Views Muscle Cars & Hot Rods
1,000,000 views a look at some of the shots that got us there.

Phosphoric Acid Metal Prepping Rust MUSCLE CARS & HOT RODS
Converting Rust on automotive sheet metal

Installing Firebird 400 Emblems on Hood of our 1968 MUSCLE CARS & HOT RODS Episode 133 (520) 294-4744. Hood emblems on the Firebird.

Fender Widening on 1915 Dodge Roadster MUSCLE CARS & HOT RODS Episode 69
In this episode we will see rear fenders to the 1917 Dodge stripped and our plans for widening them 5.5". Then we will get a shop update on the 1969 Dart blocking and body work and prime on my 1972 Dart. Finally, remember the 1934 Ford, we will take a look at the fenders going on it and update on it's progress.