Nissan B13 AWD SR20VE-T Launch Control

Testing my LC Bored on my home! jeje

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Americas Fastest AllMotor 2.3L Nissan 10.88 @ 123.54
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Nissan Primera SR20VE Launch Control
Daughterboard in ECU, I start by setting the launch RPM, then start the car. Road is very wet hence lots of skids. The set launch RPM will stay saved in the ECU until you next set it.

Nissan SR20VE Megasquirt Launch Control
Trying to find the perfect launch for the b14 sr20ve. Using Megasquirt and the MS Droid app to adjust rpm settings.

B14 SR20VE Launch Control
SSAC Header RPM Garaje Catback 3 Inch Resonator Magnaflow 3 Inch SrCo Tuned 2Step-Launch Control