lexus ls 400 - 99' acceleration top speed ( تسارع رهيب ( الصقر الظفاري

تسارع لكزس ls 400 من 200 إالى 260 وارد أمريكي lexus 99' model ls 400 accelration from 200 to 260 wonderful accleration

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Lexus LS400 0-200km/h

تسارع لكزس LS400
خط العراد .. الموتر يبند 250

Lexus LS 430 Top Speed
Going at 259km/h Top Speed ! Please send me a message for another cars Top speed

1998 Lexus LS 400 0-60 acceleration whistle
Heres a video of my new LS400 (to me), car is great, good strong power, supple suspension, etc.. It does seem to whistle abit during full throttle acceleration, of course I didn't notice this on the test drive, because you can really only hear it with the windows down. Car pulls well, but I'd like to get this fixed. Also, seems to lack abit of overall throttle response, perhaps the coolant temperature sensor? All driving done on a closed course.