56 chevy pickup

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1958 Chevy Truck
1958 Chevy Apache Truck This is my 1958 Chevy Apache truck that I built from scratch! It has a completely rebuilt frame with a Camaro front sub frame morphed on to the original! 4 wheel discs with a posi rear end from an 88’ firebird. A (polished and peppy) 350 with a 700 r4 overdrive trans. Tilt wheel with ps. pb. Runs like an ape! ANYHOW! It also now has a decal that I had made for the rear window saying “it IS finished!”. I always had people asking “when are you gonna finish it?” -meaning paint!- It really is finished – There’s nothing left to do! It’s done! - Kinda like life! – Hows that? you ask! --Well, 2000 years ago God cared enough about us that he sent his son –his very best! named Jesus Christ to come down here to rebuild the relationship that we were meant to have with God! He obviously had to go thru a lot – including giving up his life in a brutal fashion – for us to gain back that relationship as well a s forgiveness from the father God for messin up so bad! – (Hey lets agree – we all messed up and need that!) Point being is because of what he did - It IS finished!!! There is nothing else to do or can be done! All we can do now is to receive His forgiveness, love and mercy and say – “I’ll take it!” The free gift! Because it really IS finished!!!

1955 Chevy 3100 truck - 4x4 400ci 8 dual quads
A 1955 chevy truck in great condition. No dents, no rust, not even a chip in the paint. 6000 miles on engine/trans. New wood in the bed. All electrical parts function. New tilt steering column. All wheel drive with high/low range shifter. Power brakes, power steering. Drives great, not even squirrely at turnpike speeds. Drove it 820.6 miles the first day with 0 issues. The truck gets a crazy amount of attention. Every time I stop for gas I wind up talking to and getting my picture taken by at least 5 people... lol

1956 Chevy pickup
This is a 1956 chevy pickup hot rod.

1955 Chevy Truck ( 2 year BackYard Rebuild Step by Step )
Me and my Dad started this truck about 2 years ago, from the frame up. It was originally owned by my grandfather but it sat for the last 18 years and got totally rusted out, lots of rust cancer, it would have been easier for me to get a cheap donor truck with a straight body to do the build with, but I wanted to breathe life back into my Grandfathers truck, so let's just say there was a lot of cutting and welding done to this truck. I C Notched the rear End, put 4 inch drop mono leaf springs in the rear I still had to use some blocks to raise it a little more to get the rack I wanted, I put in a Heidts Front Clip, 700R Tranny, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Disc Brakes, it has a small 305 in it right now just to get around town, but i have a 350 sitting in my shed to get rebuilt heavy