56 chevy pickup

winning award at paso

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1956 Chevy pickup
This is a 1956 chevy pickup hot rod.

Chevy Apache Twin Turbos
Caleb's twin turboed apache CHECK OUT " COOLASSPARTS.COM" Hales Speed Shop https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hales-Speed-Shop/350183965091067 Check out our CANNON video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCd1Ti0XYK4

1956 Chevy Pick-Up Street Rod
A very cool Hot Rod Truck..with a 502 Cadillac in it...James Dad built the truck and left it to him when he passed a way...he is very proud of both..for good reason..ck it out!!! For more cool stuff visit http://www.scottiedtv.com/

1958 Chevy Truck
1958 Chevy Apache Truck This is my 1958 Chevy Apache truck that I built from scratch! It has a completely rebuilt frame with a Camaro front sub frame morphed on to the original! 4 wheel discs with a posi rear end from an 88’ firebird. A (polished and peppy) 350 with a 700 r4 overdrive trans. Tilt wheel with ps. pb. Runs like an ape! ANYHOW! It also now has a decal that I had made for the rear window saying “it IS finished!”. I always had people asking “when are you gonna finish it?” -meaning paint!- It really is finished – There’s nothing left to do! It’s done! - Kinda like life! – Hows that? you ask! --Well, 2000 years ago God cared enough about us that he sent his son –his very best! named Jesus Christ to come down here to rebuild the relationship that we were meant to have with God! He obviously had to go thru a lot – including giving up his life in a brutal fashion – for us to gain back that relationship as well a s forgiveness from the father God for messin up so bad! – (Hey lets agree – we all messed up and need that!) Point being is because of what he did - It IS finished!!! There is nothing else to do or can be done! All we can do now is to receive His forgiveness, love and mercy and say – “I’ll take it!” The free gift! Because it really IS finished!!!