Crash - Beach race carnage

Crash hits the beach for the carnage that is the Weston Beach Race. We're also at the race track for some high speed action, as cars, bikes and people literally hit the track.

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Crash - Crashes from all over!
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Crash - Mishap and mayhem on the racecourse and water
Plenty of mishap and mayhem coming your way in Crash 3, so sit back and try and relax through some bone crushing and metal smashing action...

Crash - Glamorous, expensive...and dangerous
The world of motorsport can be many things, thrilling, exciting, glamorous, expensive..........and dangerous. Coming up over the next half hour we've a selection of crashes from across the globe, on two wheels and four, on road and off it. Ladies and Gentlemen ...welcome to the world of Crash

Crashes in Adenauer Forst - Early 1970's
Per Einarsson Nürburgring Nordschleife amateur film reel. I couldn't resist downloading and editing these wonderful 8mm film clips from the net. Recorded in the early 1970's by Jürgen Sander and originally edited by Manfred Förster.