Ford Falcon AU III

2002 Ford Falcon AU III

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Ford Falcon AU Series II & III
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How to destory a Ford AU Falcon (Australia's ugliest car) - Cars Gone Wild Australia

Top Speed
Northern Territory run stock XR8 220kw

Ford Falcon (AU Model) Aftermarket Radio Installation and Test
This is my all stock au ford falcon(forte), and in this video shows you how to install an aftermarket radio Parts Used were: All items used were from AERPRO: -FORD AU SERIES 1,2,3 PKT BLACK WITH METAL BRACKETS ( product_name=FORD+AU+SERIES+1,2,3+PKT+BLACK+WITH+METAL+BRACKETS+&cat_sno=) -FORD AU - ISO HARNESS( at_no=&product_name=FORD+AU+-+ISO+HARNESS&cat_sno=) -SONY TO ISO HARNESS 12 PIN ( product_name=SONY+TO+ISO+HARNESS+12+PIN&cat_sno=) The above harness varies(depends on your Radio Brand) To find your particular radio brand, search here (