Ford Falcon AU III

2002 Ford Falcon AU III

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Ford Falcon AU Series II & III
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ford falcon transmission fill oil
When you have a late model ford falcon AU (could work for BA BF I don't know) it has no transmission fluid dipstick. The bung in the transmission is very soft and rounds off easily so you can't fill it. Symptoms of low transmission / gearbox oil are when the car will not engage drive when it's cold, and sometimes loses drive when you go around a corner or go on an incline. This method uses a syringe to fill through the cooler pipes, you can also use a hose and funnel. Make sure you use the right oil, it is not ATF, the newer falcons use TQ95 (or something .. help)

FORD AU 2000 changing center dash lights
Just thought while doing some work I might as well put it on youtube to help others

Ford falcon power steering rack leak switch senson AU
How to diagnose and replace power steering rack switch sensor on Ford falcon auiii. 2002