Ford Falcon AU III

2002 Ford Falcon AU III

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10 Min Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush + Replacement (Most Cars) Ever wanted to do a complete Automatic Transmission Service with a Fluid Flush and Fluid Change! Well now you can do it in 10 Minutes! This DIY is super easy really fast and ridiculously cheap. The reason we didn't change the filter is because the filter on this transmission is internal and you would have to take apart the transmission to get to it. There is a a filter for the shift solenoid that can be cleaned to improve shifting. There is a small black round filter for the transmission, its under the air box near the solenoid that could be changed if you want to be more thorough. Catch us in our other 10 Minute Challenge videos!

Brutal Ford AU XR6 exhaust sound
Brutal Ford AU XR6 Exhaust sound 1999 Ford AU XR6 Tickford Exhaust ( by Nissan 350Z with GT-R R35 Exhaust ( by 2013 Ford Mustang GT CS Exhaust ( by Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Tsudo Exhaust with QTP electric cutout test pipe ( by Infiniti G37 Ark exhuast .vs. GTHAUS Exhaust ( by Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Exhaust ( by Mazda 323f KLZE Sound Exhaust and Flames ( by Nissan Skyline R33 GTR Titanium Exhaust ( by Mazda rx8 2005 dound Exhaust and backfire ( by pic:

Ford Falcon AU XR6 Tune Melbourne | Dyno Tuning Melbourne
Ford Falcon AU XR6 tune up with Robbie McQueen Rob talks about a few of the advantages for the Ford AU XR6 of upgrading your engine management and fuel injection systems.

Checking and Adding ATF to Ford Trans Without Dipstick
This video shows how to check & top off the automatic transmission fluid in a 2006 Ford Explorer that didn't come from the factory with a transmission dipstick. The background noise gets a little loud. Sorry. A thunderstorm hit while I was working on the vehicle & I had a limited amount of time that the transmission fluid was going to be in the right temperature range to check it. Yes, I know, I need to insulate my garage.