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Detroit Diesel 8v71 Project part 1

This is an engine project my son and I have started. We are a little bit old school and enjoy anything to do with GM motors, 671, 6v71, 8v71, 12v71 etc. Just love the music of "71 power". It is also a bit of an exercise in welding, grinding, drilling, painting and fitting up of all our goodies we have collected. (Can't wait to get the chrome stacks fitted). This motor came out of a large loader (possibly a terex). It had been internally fully rebuilt with relatively low hours. Since being "ripped" out, it sat on a workshop floor for many years. Externally we have replaced (broken) Exhaust manifolds, (broken) sump, cooling fan (To suck not blow). We have installed a radiator, filters, thermostats and gasket etc.The motor has a V twin truflow compressor fitted and as the project develops we hope to add an instrument panel, air-tanks, battery box, a tidy Exhaust system and fuel tank etc. All in all a handy item to have around the house in case we need to pump up the bike tires...lol!


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Detroit Diesel 8v71 project part 2

Detroit Diesel 8v71 Project part 3

Detroit Diesel 8v71 project part 4
There will be a part 5 in the coming weeks as the project develops. Were pretty happy with the motor running smoothly and looking forward to completing the Exhaust system, fuel tank, instrument panel. air tanks, and a few other bits and pieces.

firing up the big doodlebug for the first time this year. SCREAMIN DEMON
1946 GMC with a 1965 6V71 Detroit Diesel

How to Set Maximum No Load RPM on Detroit Diesel 71 series 8v71 6v71
http://www.busgreasemonkey.com Not responsible for any damage done to any engines by anything shown in this video. Do not attempt. We accept no liability. If you want to talk Detroit Diesel stuff join us on the Bus Grease Monkey forum With that said, this video shows how I set the idle and max no load RPM on a Detroit Diesel 8v71 and 6v71 GM Coach

Detroit Diesel 8V92 rebuild first start up Australia
Here is the first start up on a rebuild Detroit Diesel 92 engine for a mining drill with 587HP@2100 RPM and 538 HP@1800RPM go to www.shoeydiesel.com.au and our new sister site www.shoeydieselaustralia.com for more enquiries on buying or changeover engines to rebuild......Shoey

14liter Detroit diesel overhaul
Complete tear down and rebuild. New head and valve components,, K31 turbo, new injectors, cam, cam bearings, main bearings, 6 new piston packs, 6 new liners, harmonic balancer, new air compressor, air dryer, ac compressor, evaporator, condenser, receiver dryer.

Detroit Diesel 8v71 at idle
Finally! I got a Detroit on video! Its a Detroit Diesel 8v71 (I think) in a 1975 MCI motor coach.

8v71 Detroit Diesel - 1974 Kenworth W923
This is a truck im wanting to purchase for a project, I wanna turn it into a show truck, most likely will make it look original but thats about it.. So im not sure if Im going to actually buy it. *1974 KW W923 *8v71NT75 Detroit Diesel *RTO915 Transmission *4.88 Rears

8v71 Detroit Diesel
8v71n Detroit Diesel running for the first time in 15 years. I pulled it out of a 1980 Fire Truck that belonged to the city of Cedar Rapids, IA. 318hp and 866ft-lbs of torque.

Detroit Diesel 6V92TA DECCII twin turbo 400 HP first start up Australia
This engine has been custom built from bare block up to 400 specs inc block girdle, Fully balanced internals operated to DECC specs with 400 program and fed by twin turbo with step up blower. To be fitted into an 84 Silver Eagle Motor home with luxurious living accommodation on upper deck, that has been stripped to bare ribs and completely refurbished with all new parts inc 488 diff gears to suit the 6 speed HD 4000 series" world" Alison Transmission. Included in the mods is a hydraulically thermostatically controlled radiator fan with pump driven from front of crank driving a 12 blade 48.5 deg pitch plastic fan. This vehicle has the potential top speed of around 140 kms and PUMPS OUT AROUND 1300 FOOT POUND OF TORQUE. all out of a 552 cubic in engine. You will be able to see this vehicle at the 2015 summer Nats displaying Wicked Weasel Swim Wear display. Check out website www.wickedweasel.com

EPIC FAIL Turbo blown Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7 MCI BUS smokey mess!
This engine did not run away, it was not sucking in oil. The driver thought the bus was on fire and immediately began evacuating passengers as soon as the bus stopped. For the person that called someone a dumbass and said the bus started in reverse, absurd! The bus has an automatic transmission - how is the starter going to crank the engine over in the proper direction THEN instead of turning right after its already spinning its just starts turning left? Absurd! The bus was shut off off once and was not restarted, it was towed from the scene. He shuts it off just as I pass by the rear of the bus(see annotation). I was behind this listening to the turbo climbing an overpass. There was a loud BOOM, then smoke everywhere I couldn't see a foot infront of me. turbo let go, leaving a trail of oil. All the smoke that you see, with out the proper air mix from the turbo the engine is not burning the fuel correctly so that's why you see all the gray smoke! The engine is running at around 1,000 RPM if the engine had ran away it would be have been loud an in pieces. A lowboy was called but couldn't pick up due to angle of over pass and potential for tipping. So, a wrecker was called to hook from the front.

Jimmy Diesel
-: GM, Screaming Jimmy Diesel Appreciation Society :- Thanx to all th@ supplied pix ( U kno hoo U R ) 2 stroke rules..........while the others drool! Why Not make each down stroke a power stroke? If U aint screeemin...........U're only dreemin! Check out album @ http://www.youtube.com/user/swishyhasbeen?feature=chclk#g/u

8v71 Rack Adjustment
Running a rack on a Detroit Diesel 8v71. Fuel injector control tube sync

1974 International Transtar 4070A, 8V71, 318 Detroit cold start up
This is just a short video of a walk around of my 1974 4070A International Transtar and a cold start-up of the truck. The truck had not been started for a few days and the temp is about 65 degrees the day of this video. The ole truck starts just as easy @ 20 degrees as it does @ 80 degrees. It is powered by an 8V71 Detroit Diesel or more famously known as the 318 Detroit, 13 speed Fuller, spring ride reyco suspension, no power steering. I have a lot of fun in the summer months in this ole truck and is one of many old Ih cabovers in my collection.

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