Detroit Diesel 8v71 Project part 1

This is an engine project my son and I have started. We are a little bit old school and enjoy anything to do with GM motors, 671, 6v71, 8v71, 12v71 etc. Just love the music of "71 power". It is also a bit of an exercise in welding, grinding, drilling, painting and fitting up of all our goodies we have collected. (Can't wait to get the chrome stacks fitted). This motor came out of a large loader (possibly a terex). It had been internally fully rebuilt with relatively low hours. Since being "ripped" out, it sat on a workshop floor for many years. Externally we have replaced (broken) Exhaust manifolds, (broken) sump, cooling fan (To suck not blow). We have installed a radiator, filters, thermostats and gasket etc.The motor has a V twin truflow compressor fitted and as the project develops we hope to add an instrument panel, air-tanks, battery box, a tidy Exhaust system and fuel tank etc. All in all a handy item to have around the house in case we need to pump up the bike!

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Detroit Diesel 8v71 project part 4
There will be a part 5 in the coming weeks as the project develops. Were pretty happy with the motor running smoothly and looking forward to completing the Exhaust system, fuel tank, instrument panel. air tanks, and a few other bits and pieces.

rebuilding a detroit diesel 453
Rebuilding a 453 Detroit diesel out of a wheel loader. It is kind of a long video (10 minutes). I start it up near the end. Thanks for watching...