Triumph Spitfire Eau Claire CVSCC Autocross Racing

This was my fastest run of the day at 49.4sec. I finished first place in vintage class. It was 92 degrees outside. My main competitor is the lime colored Porsche 914 that is turbocharged and intercooled that you can see in the lineup at the end of the video.

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Saturday Group 8 race 2
Lime Rock Fall Festival Saturday Race 2 Group 8. In car camera, 1963 Triumph Spitfire. Special focus on a bonehead move from a spun car at 5:23, luckily no one was hurt.

1968 Triumph Spitfire MK3 Restoration Project - Part 7 - Measuring the engine parts
Now that the engine is apart I could measure the crank, pistons and cylinders. Based on the plastigauge results I was expecting the measurements to be on the good side, but I wasn't expecting this... All measurements are the factory measurements. It looks like this engine hasn't been driven at all.

1972 Triumph Spitfire - Promo Video

2012 CRC final race
In Car vintage race video at Portland Intl Raceway from a 1963 Triumph Spitfire. Video uses Dashware software to synch speed, rpm and lateral g's with data from an AIM system.