1992 Honda Prelude Drag Racing Racelegal.com 1-4-2013

Friday night drag racing at qualcomm stadium 1/8 mile 1992 Honda Prelude Drag Racing Racelegal.com

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1993 Prelude vs 1000+HP Supra @ TK2K13 #SAWTX
1993 Prelude vs Toyota Supra At TK2K13 #SAWTX Filmed By : GGreggg We sincerely thank Peter and his affiliate's for putting together another successful TX2K event for us. In celebration of the event and its great success. Stance Autoworks will be cutting a FREE DVD and mailing them out to the public. We have extensive coverage of all aspects of the events, street racing,the official races and events,and all the cool aspects behind the scenes. Complete the form with your address and we will confirm we have received it and send your personal copy out. Link To Application--http://tinyurl.com/d5ckagb #SAWTX Music is not ours its made by APM Music we thank them for letting us use them Turn Down For What (#TDFW) - TWAYNE

Street drag race in Vilnius, Lithuania (2 Honda Prelude)
Two Honda Prelude gen 4 cars, same engines, same everything, just different drivers :) These engines are quite good (VTEC). Especially when VTEC kicks in around 5500 rpm - feels like turbo. Brilliant car to drive. Resembles a spaceship inside, but the rest of the car is brilliant. Prie vandens parko draginom :) 1:1 pasibaige :)

1/4 mile drag Nissan 200SX 1,8T vs. Honda Prelude 2,0 SOHC
Nissan seria 169KM + inne turbo i IC, zmiana programu i sprzęgła, Honda seria 133KM + kolek wydech 4-2-1 + ostre sprzęgło

Honda Prelude 2.2 vs Audi 80 2.0 quattro (Drag Race 14.04.2012, Jēkabpils)
Drag Race 14.04.2012, Jēkabpils