Gran Turismo 4. Mercedes Benz SLR. Suzuka Race. ALL STOCK NO TCS ASM

Replay. Intense race on the SLR. clean. rough. fair. and win. to finish first you first have to finish.

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Mercedes-Benz Classe A ESP
Mercedes-Benz Classe A dando um show de estabilidade.

GT4 Fast Lap @ Fuji Speedway 90's - Nissan R92CP Race Car '92
This is one of the fastest, best handling cars in the game..... I'm not 100% happy with this 1'07.933 lap, I have done a 1'07 but it was not as clean as this :(............

GT4 Hot lap in Nurburgring F1 5:18.765 TCS- ASM OFF no exits
A perfect lap in Nurburgring without traction control or any other assistance.And the most important no exits

Das Millionen Tuning Aufmotzen für Superreiche Mercedes SLR Part 2/4 HD
Millionen Tuning Mercedes SLR pt 2/4